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 Like TouchID? The chances are that a lot of companies that Apple have swallowed up are contributing to their products in ways you probably don't recognise.
The fact that you don't like it probably means they've hit the mark.
Where's the actual bit you buy stuff in?
Well that's one way to fix a design flaw
WHhhhhaaaaahhhh!!!! Apple's non-existent phone is rumoured to use a chip that is not as good as the one in the . It's a rip off! It's a farce! That's it! I'm going to buy a ... Hope that's saved a bit of typing for some of you.
I imagine that Apple pushes out an update that adds the settings for the new operator to the virtual SIM.  Then you use the older device with a pay-as-you-go SIM.   Then you get a new device and transfer your old number ... exactly as you do now.
 Cook's actual words:  Not sure where he said it was a replacement for absolutely everybody.  For a start, developers will still need a desktop/laptop to write software for it.
 Wow that was desperate. The way you tried to shift blame away from Google in that last sentence was particularly cringeworthy. Your 'impartial informer' personae has taken a real beating in this thread, and it hasn't been pretty. :-( You need to be a little more selective when choosing which of Google's battles you want to fight. Steer away from the indefensible.
Right, in this universe, unlimited means unlimited and it applies to everything. It is either unlimited or it's not. There is no such thing as 'kinda unlimited' or 'a tad unlimited'.If Microsoft had no intention of offering unlimited storage then they shouldn't have said it. Those people storing 75TB were doing absolutely nothing wrong. They were simply using what they were promised.They should have let people keep the storage they've used, but cap it at that level. Then...
What can't you store on an iCloud Drive?And if it's useless then isn't it a bit daft to pay for it?
New Posts  All Forums: