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Indeed. I read the Geekbench stuff and thought, "That  doesn't tell me anything." A bit further down you mentioned the demos at the Apple store. That was much more useful.
Agreed.If Apple's fortunes were decided by Internet forums then they would have gone bust when Steve Jobs passed away.
Yeah, I know it's Google, but this is still yet another case of EU extortion.    And once they're done with Google, they'll start on Apple's coffers.
A product is never 100% ready, so waiting another year is simply depriving themselves of a huge amount of usage feedback that can be used to improved the next version.  This is why I never understand people who hold off upgrading machines for years while they're waiting for some magical thing to be invented  that will persuade them to buy.
Same here. Flawless installation, as usual, and the new Photos app is a dream to work with.I think everyone has a right to complain, but I always think that if 1% of the use base is unhappy then you will hear (constant) complaints from that single per cent. The other 99% will carry on humming along without saying anything. That's human nature.Apple has been moving towards being a consumer company for years, so stop acting like this a big surprise.If you don't like the new...
 Apple hides the information from their competitors.Intel hides the information from their shareholders.
 My thoughts exactly.
 Nope. Only highly successful international fashion and retail corporation CEO's can give an opinion of any value on the work of Angela. But anyone else can say what they want.
He doesn't have the right to punch his work colleagues in the face. The BBC made the right call. They sacrificed £60million a year to do the moral thing.Surprised you don't support that. Actually no; I'm not surprised at all.
It's great that Apple is going all-in with the cloud, but I'm wondering if they shouldn't be using some of the billions to provide an internet service for its customers. As others have said, once folk start experiencing slow service, extra charges and throttling from the ISPs then it won't be pretty.
New Posts  All Forums: