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 And when they do this you'll complain how much more expensive it is.
Are you talking about using this as a DVR to record standard telly?
No need. As soon as anyone breathes a word against Google, you're in there like a ferret up a trouser leg.  
 I've never been sure about this. If you plug in your lightning headphones then you can't charge your phone.
Apple certainly has got a lot of catching up to do …   It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.
 I don't think being accused (and found guilty) of copying is something Samsung worries too much about. Chances are that they think the bezel is the best solution, given that they've gone for a round watch face.
Most probably can, but if you use one finger then it will obscure the screen at some point.
At least he only punches men in the face.
Not sure how this is 'taking a cue from Apple' when every other wearable also includes fitness apps. Hopefully turning the bezel the other way won't break the watch …
Future's comment on Buzzfeed:  I haven't  seen a contract, but I figured his management would know.  Universal can stop him; not Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: