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I don't think there's anything inherently insecure about Android that isn't shared by every other operating system (mobile or otherwise).   The problem is that, in their desperation to start selling as much of their customers' usage patterns as fast as they could, Google signed up with whatever the carriers put in front of them.   Apple did not.   And now Android is in the situation whereby desperately needed security patches aren't making it to Android...
Or maybe they will. http://www.scmagazineuk.com/game-malware-has-up-to-1-million-downloads-on-google-play/article/425751/
If the average consumer gave a hoot about what was written about technology then iPhone sales would have crashed to zero about three years ago.
What's ironic is that you don't know what irony is.
You mean like a company that makes computers deciding it might try music players, mobile phones and watches?
If Apple pulls manufacturing from China then China will make it very difficult for Apple to sell stuff in China.
So, not only were Slice wrong, they were extraordinarily wrong. Wow.
And it's especially right when they can track your online activity and spit ads for credit cards at people who can't afford them.
 Not really that surprising. Banks are a much of a muchness in this country; there's not much that separates one from the other. We also have a switching scheme that makes it a lot easier to move your standing orders and direct debits to your new account once it's up and running. Right now, something like Apple Pay is a real differentiator. Not supporting could be a big mistake. I know a few people who have already switched from Barclays, even though they knew support was...
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