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And yet you dropped by to spout the same old dross folk have been hearing from the Android crowd for years. So you're not actually thinking for yourself.
Unlikely. If this was going to happen then we would have seen it already with more expensive items like the iPhone and the iPad. Most of the watches they sell are going to be black sports models and they will be bought by men who won't even bother to try them on. This whole booking thing is not about selling the watch; it's to stop it getting nicked.
Just what I've always wanted: pictures of my spleen showing up in Google searches. Why are they doing this? Because they noticed that Apple has been making huge waves in the medical arena of late.
Not sure he sounds ridiculous at all. Certainly not as ridiculous as trying to say that a phone and watch share the same usage pattern as a dishwasher and a sink.Some of the early reviews of the Watch talked about how much less they reached for their phone.To begin with, far fewer people use their phone to make phone calls.Secondly, the patterns of internet usage are different when you're out and about. People don't tend to surf on the move; they'll be looking for specific...
Best not, eh?Your inability to think strategically would drive the computer company into the ground within two years.
No it won't. They'll just come up with other stuff;'What? I can't teleport with it?? Ooooh that's a deal breaker for me."
 Er . . . yes  you can.
Okay folks, if we can just pause for a second to sum up this week's arguments against the Apple Watch: 1/.  There is a large proportion of the population that can remember to charge an iPhone and iPad, but are suffering from some unique, undiagnosed disorder that will specifically prevent them from remembering to charge an Apple Watch. 2/. There is a large proportion of the population that will not be able to press the large single button on the side of the Apple Watch,...
This is the most desperate argument I've heard so far.
I wouldn't, but I wouldn't assume to speak for 'most people' either so I can't say if a smaller high-res screen would work for the majority or not.
New Posts  All Forums: