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Apple says they didn't do it. Ireland says they didn't do it.   So who is saying they did do it, and unless they were present in the room, how did they find out?
What, in the name of God, was the point of that??Does ad revenue cover the cost of the phone?
The fact that Jobs picked Tim Cook to succeed him demonstrates what a forward-thinking genius the man was.
Fair point, but I disagree. Apple's competitors are simply seizing an opportunity to slow the juggernaut, and it would a disservice to their shareholders if they didn't try … something. No, this is the price of unparalleled success and the economics of the Internet.Page clicks = easy moneyBad news generates more clicks than good news.If it ain't Apple then no one cares.
Are you … laughing at your own joke?
2015: Piledrivergate2016: Jackhammergate2017: TacticalNuclearDevicegate2018: Zombiegate — where a blogger generated ten billion bitcoins in page hits by showing himself repeatedly rapping an advancing corpse on the nose with his Apple Watch while crying "Look! Look! It's still coming!" The blogsphere goes wild and demands Tim Cook's head, calling the Apple Watch's lack of zombie stopping power a 'structural design fault'. DED, writing from his asylum cell, points out that...
Yes, and Ferrari should start armour-plating their cars. I mean the fact that the bodywork can be deformed by a sledgehammer … oh, the humanity!
Ah, so he's suffering from Irrational Butthurt Syndrome, caused by the belief that Apple should build products just for him, and leading to repeating the 'Apple is doomed' rubbish until he's blue in the face.I didn't think they'd release a 5.5-inch phone either, but oddly enough I didn't see it as Apple trying to make me look foolish online.I think that folk conveniently forget that Apple has created one or two failures under Jobs's tenure. And under Jobs, their handling...
Wow. BendgateTweetgateHow did that happen?
Sigh.I miss journalism.Years ago, AppleInsider (or something with the same name) used to get some pretty cool scoops. Nowadays they just seem to snuffle around the web like a chihuahua in a leaf pile, picking out leftovers and regurgitating them for page clicks. Very sad, but very common.If you want real journalism then you have to pay for it. You won't get it from these fronts for ad servers.
New Posts  All Forums: