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 Mmmmm. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/09/f-t-c-fines-google-22-5-million-for-safari-privacy-violations/  Seems like 'privacy' is a dirty word around Google HQ; not the kind of people I'll be trusting with my health details.
 Well, my definition of full taxes is the full amount of tax they are legally required to pay. If they pay a cent more then they should fire their finance director.
Is this really 'multitasking' or is it a way to split the screen to allow room for extensions into the frontmost app?
 I'm guessing that Google is less concerned about the 30% fee than Amazon is. Google is perfectly happy to give stuff away as long as they can track your purchases in return.
  But here's the thing: Apple isn't really concerned with innovation unless it brings real user benefits. They weren't first with the smartphone; the tablet had been done to death ten years before Apple turned up.  Being first is not really what Apple's about.  The secret of Apple's success is that they watch the competition carefully (despite what they say in public) and make sure they don't repeat their mistakes. This is the reason why iOS was locked down until they...
 I've done a lot of development over the last twenty years. Started out with C then C++ then Java, Ruby and now getting to grips with Python. I've avoided ObjectiveC because, quite frankly, I just didn't like the look of it. I've seen amazing things done with it and I'm happy to admit that I was being very narrow-minded, but with such great things happening in IT, I just couldn't see the point of learning something that looked like C in a pretty dress. I went through the...
 That's a relief! If ZDNET hadn't gone into panic mode on Microsoft's behalf then I might have been worried.
 Yup, that is precisely the point: there's nothing new in terms of language features, but it's new to Apple's platform, and that's what the developers at the WWDC care about. It's laughable to read all the experts here bleating on about how none of this stuff is new; Apple never claimed it was.
I wish people would show a little more consideration and put the tired "Steve wouldn't have done this" meme at the start of the post. Then folk would know straight away that everything that follows is drivel.
Perhaps the real reason is that relatively few people actually dislike it.
New Posts  All Forums: