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Perhaps the good folk who run AppleInsider should consider opening GoogleInsider for stuff that is nothing to do with Apple.
I think this one of the poorest attempts at deflection I've ever read on this forum.Usually you structure your posts so that you try to come across as unbiased. You didn't even make the effort here.
A well-researched, well-written, well-presented article. What the hell's it doing here? I was pointing out to someone that the IOS app switcher was lifted from WebOS. They disagreed, saying that the IOS task switcher was simply the IOS Safari page switcher repurposed. His argument was that Palm simply used the Safari page switcher for something else. Not sure if I agree, but I can see his point.
I was never a fan of the "Mac vs PC" ads either, but they were much better. Apple advertising tends to focus on the bigger picture, like not having to deal with viruses, or being easier to set up.This advert focuses on not having an SD card slot, a problem easy solved with a visit to the Apple Store.The PC vs Mac ads left me thinking "Wow Apple, that's a bit smug."This MS ad left me thinking "Jeez Microsoft, is that all you've got?"
It's more of an 'end user' thing than a 'developer' thing, but they want the devs to test it.   The presentation wasn't the most exciting though, but it got the points across.
  Ah, what the ITC giveth, the ITC taketh away.
  Isn't it round about now when you try to convince folk that Google isn't suing anyone, by insisting that Motorola is somehow a completely separate company and not attached to Google at all?
Apple bought a boatload of PalmOS patents in April. I wonder if they included the task switcher.
First word in the title: Rumor
I'm sure that during the average working day, Apple 'mulls' a lot of things. Is this really so shocking that it needs reporting?
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