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 It's unlikely that Apple will say how many 5c models they've sold, so we'll always be stuck with analysts' guesswork. Personally, I don't see a problem; if more people are buying the 5s then the 5c has done its job.
First post from a 'LongTimeMacFan'?Log out and register again, only this time try a user name that doesn't scream 'TRRRROLLLLLL'.
Right, now are some people talking about an app crashing several times a week, or the actual phone crashing? App crashes I don't have a problem with. The phone falling over is a different thing entirely.
Nope, I think she did the right thing here.For one thing, Google has already been found guilty and fined for this particular crime.This is another case of scummy lawyers finding people to fight a frivolous lawsuit, in the hope that The company they're suing will just hand over a pot of cash to make them go away. Most of the time, the lawyers take most of the money anyway.She is wrong that no harm was done, but Google has already paid for that.
 Wrong again. Last Gmail outage was less than four weeks ago; about ten million people affected. http://www.newsfactor.com/news/Gmail-Down-12-Hours--Google-Sorry/story.xhtml?story_id=001000001X83 These services go down all the time, but most people don't notice because the outage usually affects a small proportion of users. And most outages go unreported – except Apple's of course which, oddly enough, are most often reported here in order to get the troll numbers up.  
 Exactly. They mistakenly believed that Apple would cave and allow them to install whatever they wanted on the iPhone. So instead of just taking the deal (like everyone else) they just sat back and watched their customers leave.
 Oh, Samsung knows that their abysmal effort won't get them any sales; it wasn't meant to because it's a legal strategy, not a marketing one. If/when Apple releases a smart watch then Samsung will release a copy. If/when Apple sues then Samsung will point to their first-gen piece of crap and say, 'But we were here first!' It's a placeholder, nothing more. No one at Samsung believes it's any good, and they don't care. The real one comes after the Apple model.
 Never heard about it and yet you commented on it here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/157629/tim-cook-testifies-apple-pays-all-of-the-us-taxes-it-owes    Unbelievable .... literally.
Seems to depend on your country settings. In the UK, Siri still has only one voice.
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