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I imagine the reason there is a 16GB iPhone is because there is demand for one. I know lots of people who have iPhones and get by on the built in apps and nothing else.
Wow.   Rubbishing ex-employees in public.   Classy.
Well, they certainly know how to throw a spec-fest 
I'm assuming there's some sort of catch or magnet to hold it in place.
 I wonder if he saw the hinge-when-closed view.
I know what you mean! Every time I see people here fawning over that camera bump on the iPhone 6 … oh hang on … No, they don't do that at all, do they? That hinge is the proof that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Aside from how ugly it is, it means the laptop screen remains unprotected even when the lid is closed.  Sorry, if Apple came up with something like that, folk round here would be demanding Jonny Ive's head on a pike.
 Nicely done. The next time some fool in his dressing gown tries to present any old crap they've read on the internet as the gospel truth, I'll point them at this comment.
I doubt that's what he told them happened. 
No ... hang on, wait.   It still works.   Dangit!
I've done it! I've destroyed one!   "CruiseMissileGate"   I'll have the video up as soon as they've dug me out of the rubble of my apartment block!
New Posts  All Forums: