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 No one believes you want it to catch on.
 I think a lot of people made stuff up, and when the watch actually appeared, sensible folk weren't surprised that it didn't have a blood sugar monitor built into the back and it didn't fold time and space. We're seeing the same nonsense with the supposed automotive project. In a few months time, "sources close to the project" will claim that Apple has cracked the temporal engine and that the AppleCar will get you to your destination before you actually leave.
  If you call self-indulgent whining on every thread "gently" then yup, I guess so. I've been meaning to ask: did Tim Cook slap your puppy or something?
Not sure when it's arriving, but LightRoom may have some competition in the future.https://affinity.serif.com/blog/welcome-to-affinity/You should have a look at the reviews for Affinity Designer. I think these people mean business.Anyway, with any luck you may have another option before the end of the year.
A couple of reasons.To begin with, Apple will only release their latest tech when they have bled the previous tech for all its worth. Fact is that even with all the pundits and armchair CEOs screaming for a phablet, Apple was still making big money with the smaller phone. I think it was pretty obvious that they would wait until they were ready to enter the Chinese market.The other reason is that Apple's strategy is not to be the first to the market. They prefer to watch...
 It's even simpler than that. This case was started by lawyers who believed they could embarrass Apple into a settlement (note the inflammatory language in the submission, and the poor attempt to shoehorn in the treatment of the workers in Foxconn plants), which would have netted them millions and a free laptop for the plaintiffs they hooked by reading their complaints in Apple forums. The whole thing was shady beyond belief. What folk don't understand is that these shady...
So, I can't listen to music and charge the phone at the same time?
The head of Blackberry was in the running??
As well as avoiding a fight in the high-end phone market, Samsung management should not challenge him to a bout of arm-wrestling.
And I could just as easily tell you to be less naive.The BBC knew about this while it was happening, and they knew about it long after. They 'investigated' because they had no choice once a few brave individuals came forward, the police got involved, and they were facing a PR disaster the like of which they had never seen before.Should they investigate Apple's claims? By all means, yes. But the problem I have now is that whenever the Beeb runs one of these exposure pieces,...
New Posts  All Forums: