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So all that stuff about her waiting for a bonus was a load of bull. Who'da thunk it?
 Pretty much spot on.  Most iPads are not sold on a phone contract, and even if they were, there is very little reason to update that often since Apple is pretty good at supporting older iPads with iOS updates.
 And music players
Possibly the most desperate attempt to generate news I've seen in years.
 The most likely answer is that Apple and Mrs Ahrendts agreed the start date  when they offered her the job, and the Guardian has no idea what that date is. Quality paper or not, the Guardian likes to make sales, and Apple speculation is a huge draw for online readers.
 I think it's called 'flogging your customers' details for fun and profit'. Don't think there's an abbreviation though.
 Nothing new. Carriers have always pushed Android the iWare for one reason or another: they cost more, they can't control the platform, Apple won't let them load them down with crapware . . .  And Apple is squeezing them hard because it wants more sales of iWare to go through the Apple stores. The problem that the carriers have is that people want an iPhone, but they settle for an Android. It's not an ideal situation for them.
 ... and yet hardly any of them ever show up online. Remarkable.
An NFC chip? No, I don't think so.
And it'll probably demand access to your location every time you try to use it.
New Posts  All Forums: