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As a non-investor (in anything) could someone tell me why Apple needs to worry about the stock price? I mean it's not as if they need the cash, so if the stock crashed to $10 then how would that affect Apple?   Microsoft's stock hasn't moved in ten years, and the effect on the company appears to be zilch. In fact, no one seems to give them any grief about it at all, so they're free to do whatever it is they're doing without any distraction.
  Laughed until I remembered that this is exactly how Apple operates: wait (for years) and watch everyone else fail, then come up with something that does it right.
  I don't think these things will take off until they can be made into contact lenses.
  Oh, they're not going to be first. Samsung doesn't do 'first'.
  1/. What percentage of Apple's customers have 200+ applications?   2/. What percentage of Apple's customers care which apps are running?   3/. What percentage of Apple's customers spend all day switching wifi, bluetooth, tethering, airplane mode etc.?   Actually, I'm going to stop there. Your list reads like someone who wants a desktop operating system running on a phone. You need to buy a PC and strap it to the side of your head.
  I have to agree with him; there just isn't much more you can do with a smartphone.
Fair enough, but most of the problems you mention (Browett getting sacked, 'stale' UI, iPad2 specs) are really operational issues or geek talking points that don't really concern Apple's core customer base. Again, you say Apple needs a bigger screen, and again Apple has the top two spots in US smartphone sales with devices a four inch screen and three and a half inch screen. This tells me that regular folk aren't as obsessed with large screens as some would have us...
Have you got any figures to prove that the iOS ecosystem is shrinking?And if all these companies are selling so many phones then how come Apple is raking in 70% of the profits? Could it be because the other companies sales are at the cheaper end of the market?
  Not here; AppleInsider has been regurgitating the marketing content of Samsung's website for years.   I can see what you're saying though. It looks like they've just copied large wodges of text and put a few phrases around them.  I guess that's what separates journalism from hit-whoring.
  But these blokes were being paid.   Apple really needs to start spending some money on fighting fire with fire. I'm not saying they should start paying people to plant fake opinions (I'd hate them to stoop that low), but some kind of lobbying effort is needed right now. That's what Google and Samsung are doing and that's probably why Apple will lose out in the courts in the end.
New Posts  All Forums: