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  Oh, you can safely believe it. The carriers would not allow the iPhone on their network if they couldn't throttle it. Same goes for any smartphone. What I find annoying is that these services are often billed as 'unlimited usage' with no real mention of a throttle or a cap.   Apple needs its own networks.
  Er ... no, it doesn't explain it at all.   You seem to have misunderstood what has been pointed out on the surveys for years: despite their being more Android devices in use, the vast majority of them are not being used as anything other than dumb phones. This has nothing to do with data usage.   The surveys are not measuring how much data is being used (because that's a pretty unimportant figure); they are measuring the number of people using the device to eat the...
  I think you misheard. If Amazon made such a threat then that would be tantamount to using their monopoly position to restrict access to the marketplace. That is about as illegal as you can get.
  Since Apple didn't set the price of the book then it looks like they were trying to make sure that folk buying books from the iBooks store wouldn't be penalised with higher prices.    And on the question of price-fixing, how come it's legal when the government does it? If the US and EU are slapping levies on products imported from China, then why isn't that seen as price-fixing?
  This is what I don't understand. When Microsoft started implementing features that their partners already covered, the interweb went nuts. 
  All good points, but there are two things to bear in mind:   Cost. Windows7 was over a hundred dollars when it was released. Microsoft saw that Windows8 was facing adoption problems on launch and so immediately dropped its price to $40, which is more palatable for folks who want to just try it out to see if it meets their needs.  Counting. Microsoft figures include OEM purchases and end user purchases in the figures. If you do buy a new machine then you have to have...
  So very true.
  Well, you're right; it's nothing worth getting excited over. The truth is that 99% of Apple customers will not give a hoot about changes to the icons.   I blame Tim Cook for the dull Apple rumours these days. Last year he said he'd double-down on security, which gave everyone a good laugh with all the iPhone leaks that followed. This year, he's got Apple buttoned up so tightly that any sliver of a rumour, no matter how ridiculous, is repeated for weeks on end.     Flat...
Whether or not the tax makes sense or not, if Apple collected it then it should be paid.   And I am assuming they collected it.
Makes no sense to me, unless Apple is about to unveil its own wireless comm network.
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