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Getting in early practise for their own TV content.
I'm going to stick my neck out and say it makes her more of an expert than, say ... you?The homogeneous of Apple products (and now the accessories) reinforces the idea that everything is made to fit together. Folk will be more likely to buy something that looks like it was designed to connect seamlessly with their phone or Mac or whatever.
That doesn't even make sense.
Interesting. A masterclass in rubbishing the competition without mentioning the competition. Nicely done.
 And perhaps Apple gutting their market?
 Why is it that every 'Apple is too gay' bod is obsessed with something being shoved down their throat?
Saw "The Register". Stopped reading.
 Unless they start spreading some serious lobbying cash then I'm not sure there's much point.
That's an interesting thoughtIOS9 can temporarily clear apps to make room for updates. Can't be too much of a stretch to clear apps and data for different users if there is a shortage of room.
"weird lifestyle employees" Seriously?
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