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Not sure how this is 'taking a cue from Apple' when every other wearable also includes fitness apps. Hopefully turning the bezel the other way won't break the watch …
Future's comment on Buzzfeed:  I haven't  seen a contract, but I figured his management would know.  Universal can stop him; not Apple.
 No, and neither did I.   From the Buzzfeed article they said they have all the correspondence and email receipts relating to the blocked performance. Sounds to me as though they have an email telling them to cease and desist. If they weren't from Apple then were they from Future? And if that's the case, what's this got to do with Apple? As folk here have already pointed out, Apple does not have the power to block Drake's performance. He doesn't have a recording or an...
 And in this case, they would be playing right into Tidal's hands by responding. Future has said that Tidal's version of events is untrue. It's up to Tidal to prove otherwise.
But it's not really 'grain of truth' thing though is it? Tidal says they have emails saying that Apple told them to stop.Either these emails exist or they don't. There is no in-between.Tidal needs to produce the emails.
Best to let it blow over. If Apple were to take legal action then they'd have months, years, of bad publicity,Look at big bad Apple, bullying poor little Tidal.This is nothing more than a poor attempt to goad Apple into a fight so that Tidal can look like the saviour of streaming.
Er … still no, Bob.  And dragging irrelevant bits of history into the discussion won't hide the fact that your argument – and I use that term very loosely – collapsed at the first line. Ignoring the fact that antennae-gate was overblown, and the fact that workers at Foxconn aren't actually employed by Apple, and the fact that Apple has done more to improve their conditions than most other companies who also contract Foxconn, let's stick to the discussion in hand shall...
Except that Tidal didn't make the deal with Apple, so how can Apple sue them for an NDA they'd didn't sign? There is nothing preventing Tidal from revealing the full details of the 'cease and desist' emails they received from Apple … unless, of course, the said emails don't exist. It looks like Future didn't allow the transmission, and Tidal saw the opportunity for a bit of much-needed publicity so they decided to try to drag Apple's name into it. 
Er … no, that's not how it works. Tidal made the accusation, so they need to prove it. What's that? They won't because the want to keep it classy? Yes, because posting a poorly worded accusation and then refusing to show the evidence wreaks of 'classy'.Show the proof, or it didn't happen.
The world changed because people want something for nothing.And this nothing new; how many writers earn enough to make a living out of it?
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