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And there's worse to come. 😕According to the release note, Photos won't support iTunes Radio in the UK. 😫
Then take Affinity Photo out for a spin.
There is no confusion so don't kid yourself. The message is clear and sensible: try Photos; if it doesn't suit you then move to something else.The outcry from this move is nowhere near as bad as the FCPx uproar, probably because they've handled it better. Instead of dropping a bomb and dealing with the aftermath, they've announced the bad news early along with the beta which should give them a better idea of what they cannot launch without.And they will be well aware that...
I'm not all that surprised there's no GPS. If I'm running then I need to know distance, time and average speed. I don't need to know where my house is because, rightly or wrongly, I tend to assume it'll be roughly where I left it.Still, it would be great if you could swim with it.
And it also doesn't support iTunes Radio in the UK.What were they thinking?? 😱😱
Wish my keyboard had a backpedal key. 😕
I'm a little surprised that folk think Lynch is a bad hire based on something that no one has actually used yet. And I suspect the design of the UI is down to Ive, not Lynch.
And I thought we'd finally got past folk dropping 'skeuomorphic' into conversations when it didn't really apply.You know that picture of a heart you see on Valentine cards? Well believe it or not, an actual human heart doesn't look anything like that.
Yes, I read somewhere that Lynch stopped iTunes Radio being released in the UK as soon as he heard you wanted it. He is a bad man.
 People walking  around wearing these big clunky things on their heads? I just can't see it.
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