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        Yes you did. Apple suggested a number of alternatives and Google Maps service is still accessible under iOS6.          Why apologise? Well, given all the whining, I think it was the smart thing to do. Take the lumps and make it better, for which they need folk to use it.    Unpleasant, I know, but a fact of life for this kind of software.    The real mistake they made was relying on Google in the first place. They should have started this project much much sooner....
  Do you?   Google ironed out the problems by putting it out there. Apple will iron out the problems (we hope) by putting it out there If they left the Google service on the phone, then the Apple service wouldn't get the workout it is seeing today.   Simple enough?
  So, Apple is testing it the same way Google did. What's your point?   Oh, and this wasn't the only reason Forestall was fired.
  Exactly.   http://www.gpsbites.com/top-10-list-of-worst-gps-disasters-and-sat-nav-mistakes
  You've replied to the wrong message.
  The same way Google did it? You mean release the product and improve it over time?  The advantage they had was that no one was scrutinising every mistake while they were doing it.   You can still find errors in the Google, even though its been running  a lot longer than the Apple service.   And 'inferior' really depends on what you're using it for and where you're going.  The fact that Google didn't offer turn-by-turn directions makes it inferior in quite for quite a...
  None of which has anything to do with testing. 
  I'm not convinced it was a set-up, but yes - these people are too stupid to hold driving licences.
  When it comes to Apple, what you hear isn't necessarily what is happening. The map around my neck of the woods was fixed about a week ago (I can even see my car parked outside), but the POI is still wrong. As Michael Scrip said, the problem seems to be really bad POI data.
  Yes, now that was tragic. 
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