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Makes no sense to me, unless Apple is about to unveil its own wireless comm network.
  Mmm.    Apple decline in Narnia.   Tim Cook needs to get right on that.
Can't think why Apple needs an analyst on the payroll.
  I think that at some point before the hearing began, Levin found out that Apple actually employs about 4000 people in Ireland and so decided it would be better if Apple wasn't given the opportunity to correct him in public.   And Mr McCain, if you have a problem with how many times your iPhone updates applications then write an email to Apple's feedback address; don't bring it up at a senate hearing.
Looks good :-)
  It's probably better to stick to the facts and numbers. Don't get drawn into what and what is not 'fair'.
Yet again I find myself astounded at the poor quality of an AppleInsider article           Now, did he really use the phrase 'tax evasion'? I doubt it, because if he was accusing Apple of tax evasion then this would be a criminal trial and not a senate hearing.   Seriously, if AI believes that the terms 'tax evasion' and 'tax avoidance' can be used interchangeably then they should stick to copying stuff off other sites and leave the real journalism to MacObserver.
  If they are doing something wrong then why don't you say what it is?  
The one thing that stands out is that for all their posturing, this committee hasn't dared used the phrase 'tax evasion.' If they can't say 'tax evasion' then they don't have a leg to stand on.    What they are hoping to do is fix an idea in the public mind that 'tax avoidance' is illegal, which is completely untrue. So, this is nothing more than an attempt to shame Apple into paying more tax than it is legally required to do (it worked in the UK with...
  You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but if you're expecting Apple to revamp iOS just because you're bored then you'd better jump to Android now.   The folk who complain about iOS being 'stale' need to remember one small thing: they are the insignificant geek contingent that Apple really doesn't have to listen to. What Apple understands is that 'geek stale' = 'consumer stable'. The overwhelming majority of Apple customers do not want sweeping changes made to iOS...
New Posts  All Forums: