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I guess that depends on what they release.
  Most likely they've run out of early adopters and have adjusted the prices accordingly.    Standard MO for every tech company since the beginning of time.
  Unfortunately, Cook doesn't run Apple in a vacuum.   The rumours surrounding the new iMac had reached the national press which meant Apple was probably seeing a massive slowdown in sales much earlier than they would have liked. In an ideal situation then he probably would have delayed the launch until he had enough production capacity to meet demand. If he had then sales would have been a lot worse. When you head up a company then you're often faced with two choices...
  I like it.
  Oh dear ...   Oh my ...     The problem with getting your information from sites like this is that what is written is not always based in reality. Remember that AppleInsider is not actually a news site (it used to be something close to a news site and it is very sad to see how far it's fallen); it is an aggregation engine for other articles that are in turn aggregation engines for other articles and the uneducated ramblings of analysts.   AppleInsider, MacRumors etc are...
  Exactly.   I imagine that Apple is spending a lot of cash on a massive automation/plant and machinery push, so we should see improvements going forward.   Is being unable to meet demand as bad as having no demand? That depends. Will they buy a PC instead? Chances are they won't. Will they buy a cheaper Mac? Well, yes; they might.   And at the end of the day, this is money that isn't showing up on the profit sheet.
  If you add a decimal point and a few numbers then it makes your guess look a lot more plausible.
 If the phablets aren't selling so well then what would be the point of making another phablet that doesn't sell so well?
  Well, it could be a case of what Apple knows that these companies don't.   Namely, how to design a phone that gets a decent day's work out of a relatively small battery. And how to design smaller, more power efficient components.   It could be that one reason that these phones are so large is because the manufacturers don't have any choice but to make them large.
Oh good grief ...Yes, a little background reading would go a long way.
New Posts  All Forums: