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 Oh, Samsung knows that their abysmal effort won't get them any sales; it wasn't meant to because it's a legal strategy, not a marketing one. If/when Apple releases a smart watch then Samsung will release a copy. If/when Apple sues then Samsung will point to their first-gen piece of crap and say, 'But we were here first!' It's a placeholder, nothing more. No one at Samsung believes it's any good, and they don't care. The real one comes after the Apple model.
 Never heard about it and yet you commented on it here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/157629/tim-cook-testifies-apple-pays-all-of-the-us-taxes-it-owes    Unbelievable .... literally.
Seems to depend on your country settings. In the UK, Siri still has only one voice.
 You're too nervous to mess around in the stock market. And does anyone seriously believe this 'vomit' crap? If using the iPhone makes you vomit then it's probably more to do with the bottle of Tequila you drank while you were playing Angry Birds.
What an image!
 Exactly. Apple has never broken out sales number by model, and they never will.
 Or rather than getting an inferior phone, I could just buy a different pair of gloves: http://www.macworld.com/article/1156543/touchscreen_gloves_review.html
 Apple is looking for a system that is convenient so folk have to use it.  So, to unlock my phone, I have to tap the screen to crank up the camera then stand perfectly still with the phone about an inch from my face while it takes the scan. I'm also not sure that the camera that the front camera is going to be good enough to make that work.
 Yes, this is the part that confused me. Given the way the touch id is supposed to work then I'm not sure how that can produce a successful reading, unless the part about reading the subdermal layer is simply to ensure that the finger is alive. While I'm sure that CCC is not making this up, I'm not that sure how relevant it is. To begin with, the equipment and effort required is beyond just about every casual  out most iPhone users will ever encounter. Secondly, this...
New Posts  All Forums: