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Though I've not had cause to try it, I understand that you can dial emergency numbers without unlocking the phone.
I don't think I've seen this much fear in the anti-Apple crowd for quite some time. Bodes well for the 5C. "I can buy two crap phones for the price of a good one." Seriously?
Astounding.   They didn't even change the shape one iota ....  
 Not quite sure what you're implying here. The filing date for the first patent (US8212859) is October 13, 2006The second patent has a priority date of October 13, 2006. So what's wrong with setting the priority date of the second patent to the filing date of the first?
 When I read this I thought "He can't be serious." Then I remembered that you're the chap who insists Google has no control over Motorola's FRAND antics. So maybe you are serious. Head over to Google. Type "apple is doomed says analyst" in the search box. Be amazed.
When Apple first announced the store chain, a lot pundits thought it was a bad idea because online shopping was the future. Apple pressed on regardless and I understand that the stores are doing pretty well.I suspect that Apple will one day set up some kind of comms network with stations inside the stores, so potential sales may not be the only reason to open a store.
Interesting stuff, which sort of highlights the advantage that Apple has over much of the competition: they're masters of the platform switch and they're not at all proud.I would guess that with their own in-house design team, the expertise at ARM; the ability to optimise their software to their processors; the resources they pour into battery technology, screen tech and memory optimisation they are in a position to match any Intel based tablet once it's in the user's...
Stop trying to copy Apple's strategy and instead copy Apple's philosophy: Don't be afraid to burn everything you've built in exchange for a better future.Microsoft is where it is today because they couldn't bring themselves to look beyond Windows. If they had stuck with the Courier concept then I'm pretty sure that the iPad would never have cornered the market.Tech companies goes through the same life cycle: a shot at changing the world, huge profits, a series of...
Apple should buy Otterbox; they seem to have better lawyers on staff.
  No, the reason is that no one gives a s**t about the Digital Power Group so they put some stuff out about the iPhone to get some web chat going. It's an industry standard practice.
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