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  You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but if you're expecting Apple to revamp iOS just because you're bored then you'd better jump to Android now.   The folk who complain about iOS being 'stale' need to remember one small thing: they are the insignificant geek contingent that Apple really doesn't have to listen to. What Apple understands is that 'geek stale' = 'consumer stable'. The overwhelming majority of Apple customers do not want sweeping changes made to iOS...
  And I personally doubt that Google would have bought Motorola if they didn't believe they could use them to get past the infringement lawsuits.   Separating Google from Motorola is just wordplay as far as I'm concerned. Google owns the company, therefore Google can stop the lawsuits with a phone call. The cases continue and that is down to Google.    It's a fair tactic, but let's stop painting Google as whiter than white. It does you no credit.
  Not sure why that's anyone's fault but your own, and I'm not sure how whining like a little girl is going to improve your situation. The value of your stock can go up as well as down; you know that, right? Smart investors cut their losses and get out when they think there's a problem. That's what I do, and I'm not that smart.       The only people who seem to be criticizing are pundits looking for web hits and analysts out to make a fast buck. The actual investors gave...
  That's a fair point, but look what happened. The PC market fought itself down to razor-thin margins and a situation where the manufacturers are forced to install crapware on machines to make any money at all. And fifteen years later, Apple still has a relatively small market share, but their PC sales makes them more money than the other top four manufacturers combined.   Pricing is very important, but what Apple has learned from years of watching the PC market is that...
  When you're trying out bleeding edge manufacturing processes, sometimes you bleed. Fact of life. Unless Apple decides to make life easier for itself by returning to regular ways of building stuff then don't expect this to be last time it happens.
   According to the TechCrunch article, the shipment figures came from a Samsung spokesman speaking on a Korean website. So the SEC would have no power to do anything since the statement wasn't made in the US, it was simply being reported.    Now, the Korean government could investigate, but since the head of Samsung has been convicted and jailed on charges of  conspiracy, embezzlement, bribery and tax evasion and then pardoned by the government so he could serve on the...
A bit off-topic: Why did Google remove the ability to store apps on the SD card? That makes no sense.
  Weren't the iPhone sales revenue up last quarter?
  You should read this:   http://www.directorship.com/stout-shareholders-as-owners/   As a shareholder you do not 'own' the company.
  I stopped a few posts back when he started listing his 'Apple products'  
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