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  Interesting point.    But did Apple patent the glass staircase, or did they patent the process used to make the glass staircase? Apple's obsession with building strong structures out of glass is probably because they can transfer this knowledge into making strong, lightweight screens for the their mobile devices.
Mmm, AppleInsider reckons that Google filed their patent in 2009   But Apple filed a notification bar patent on September 11 2008   So, I imagine that it really is all down to the implementation.
Apple only uses a SIM card because the carriers won't let them carry the functionality in software. You only have to look at the trouble Apple went to just to get a microSIM ratified to realise that they're never going to increase the size of their phone just to include a memory card slot.Bear in mind that Apple is also working to keep things as simple as possible by hiding the file system. Once you have a card slot then that simplicity goes out the window.
The average iOS developer expects his customers to run the latest version of his software on a recent build of iOS. If he has to support multiple versions of the software then his job becomes an order of magnitude more difficult.People seem to forget that the average iOS user is not a geek; running old versions of code is not something they do. As soon as they receive a notification they update.Multiple version support would make things needlessly complicated for everyone.
  Agreed. The EU doesn't set its fines based on what is fair; they're set based on how much money it needs. Hundreds of millions? That's where it will start, and each time Samsung appeals, the fine will be increased by about twenty million until Samsung gets the message and pays up.   That's what happens when you're facing an organisation that is both your judge and jury.
  Well, where it first appeared doesn't really make a difference. The question is who owns the patent, and this is where it gets a bit sticky. Apple filed a patent for the notification centre sometime in 2007/2008, going by the date of this article:   http://appleinsider.com/articles/08/09/18/potential_iphone_usability_and_interface_improvements.html   And I think Google's patent surfaced in 2009, which is not to say we're talking about exactly the same thing.
Mmm. Interesting. I never read it that way. Looking at the comments surrounding the 'cool' part, I don't think he was trying to be sarcastic; he was trying to be trendy.
  So far, Apple has been fined just over a million euros. Do you think that is more or less than what they make in Italy per year?   I'm thinking, less.
"Two days after I installed Google@Home, my toilet habits started showing up in web searches..."
A thousand times this.This is the root of the problem. Apple really has to start playing the game.
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