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I was pretty much set against a lower cost phone, until I read this piece:   http://www.asymco.com/2013/03/11/where-are-the-android-users/   When it comes to Apple, this bloke is pretty much the only analyst/blogger/journalist worth listening to.
  It's not really the same thing.   Microsoft did not make the PCs, so they were competing in the market for PC operating systems. Apple makes the whole device, so they are competing in the market for smart phones. They are not competing in the "browsers running on iOS" market because there isn't really any such thing, and as long as you stick to their rules you are free to build an alternative browser.   MS attempted to use IE to force competition out of the PC operating...
Build all your own stuff. It's the only way to be sure.
I would love to see that.
And then say that you're seriously considering the Samsung wristwatch because it's got an 8 inch screen
I dunno. I think I preferred the arrogance. It'd be great to have Jobs turn round and tell Einhorn that he's playing the stock market wrong. I think Cook is doing a great job with operations (aside from the supply hiccups), but his biggest mistake was handing out the dividend. All this has done is attract sharks like Einhorn, who now believe they have the legal right to dip into Apple's cash store at will.
Every major piece of software in existence has its share of bugs.
I guess that depends on what they release.
  Most likely they've run out of early adopters and have adjusted the prices accordingly.    Standard MO for every tech company since the beginning of time.
  Unfortunately, Cook doesn't run Apple in a vacuum.   The rumours surrounding the new iMac had reached the national press which meant Apple was probably seeing a massive slowdown in sales much earlier than they would have liked. In an ideal situation then he probably would have delayed the launch until he had enough production capacity to meet demand. If he had then sales would have been a lot worse. When you head up a company then you're often faced with two choices...
New Posts  All Forums: