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  Tell 'em. They might fix it.
I disagree; Craig was in a class of his own. He worked the crowd, got the information across, threw in a gag about his hair. It was a great segment.Tim came across as the Numbers Guy, which is okay; I wouldn't want to see him demoing a product.Well done to the Anki boys for a calm recovery on the most important day of their working lives.
Either that, or Craig's demo where he had himself listed under 'hair products'.
  Because the icons can be fixed of course. Folk are behaving like this is the golden master or something. If it was then they'd release it now.
  Okay, I easily identified all the icons in the  control centre because I've come across them in the settings. Is it likely that folk will use the control centre shortcut before they have explored the settings of the phone? Secondly, when you press the button, the control centre displays a message to say what just happened. Not sure what it does? Tap it then tap it again. The icons on the bottom are pretty self-explanatory, so why label them? The buttons on the leftmost...
  Another new joiner. Starting to think they're all the same person.
  If they can recover from Maps (not a beta) then they can recover from one or two inconsistencies in an iOS beta. They're not going to make any major design changes because there's no need to.   From what I've seen, I like it a lot.   My only two beefs are the Safari icon (looks like it was scribbled) and the Game Center icon (the 3D bubbles don't really tell me what it is inconsistent with the flat look of the other icons).   I think folk need to remember that this not...
I guess I need to see a practical application for this. Right now, I don't get it.
  The problem I have with the current Airport is that it takes up rather a lot of space because it's a big flat square. This should be much better.
  You know that no one believes the 'outraged Apple user' shtick, right? 
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