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  Well said.
  If it was Samsung who was having their orders cut by half then they'd probably keep it a secret.
  Yes, something like that.   Apple has noticed two things about the average Android customer:   They don't buy apps They don't surf the web   So Apple doesn't want to get into that market. What they might do is create a market for the smart-ish phone; something that will probably use the iPod Nano as a starting point. 
Counting that mountain of cash is just too big a job for one man.
Now that you mention it, a lot of cloud storage clients seem to be written in Java.
  If you're right, that the market is nearing saturation (and I don't think you are) and Apple is just recycling customers (again, doubtful), then who would you rather be?   A phone maker with a customer base that upgrades so they can run better and faster apps.   or   A phone maker with a customer base that mostly buys cheap phones, not the flagship big-screen wonders; doesn't really buy apps or surf the web, so doesn't really need to upgrade that often, if at all.   As...
  I think the problem with many suggestions suggestions like this is that they forget that the average Mac user is not a geek and spends zero time in forums such as this. Most people don't see the point or want the hassle of running two drives on the same machine. I'm not even sure that most people want the hassle of thinking about disk drives at all.
I'm glad someone said it. Apple and Samsung don't divulge information on which device models sell best, so where do people get this idea that massive phones are selling by the millions? It's entirely possible that the largest share of Android devices belongs to the smaller phones. That would certainly explain why 74% of the smartphone profits end up in Apple's coffers.And I agree: the next big change for Apple will be the addition of the stylus and handwriting recognition....
  And they used to outsource their chip designs.   If they are researching into glass then they could one day use something designed in-house, just like the new processors.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57560927-37/flexy-iphone-someday-apple-patents-method-to-bend-glass/
  +1   I took a corporate finance class a while back, and the fella running it said more or less the same thing.
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