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  Actually, they have three notebooks: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro/Retina. How are you counting six?   The only problem I have with the management shakeup was that it didn't happen sooner. It makes perfect sense to have both operating systems under one general manager, and I think Federighi is the best choice. Putting Ive in charge of the overall experience for all platforms also makes a lot of sense. I can only assume you believe that a management shakeup of...
They're the world's biggest tech company, so course they have a lot of irons in the fire.   And I don't see anything odd about anything you've mentioned. Do you think that the iPad Mini was something they just threw together at the last minute? This thing has been in development for at least as long as the iPhone5   And the new management line up makes a lot more sense to me.
  Not really.    They've announced the sales of the product they released: the new iPad. What is the value in breaking down sales by screen size?    When they brag about sales of the iPhone, or the iMac, do they state which screen size sold better?
  Again, you're mistaking 'reactionary' with 'letting the competition make the mistakes.'
Mmmm. Dunno.   If it were a reactionary product it would be half the price and made of plastic. Remember the pundits who were predicting a starting price of $199?   This is a high end product built and priced accordingly. It's the same Apple strategy we've been seeing for years: watch the competition, note their mistakes, build something profitable and better. That's not reactionary; that's strategy.   Oh, and lots of products get killed internally, or revised until...
  That's not quite the same. If they'd told folk which iPhone model (16GB, 32GB, 64GB and which colour option) had sold the best then I'd agree.   There's no marketing mileage in telling folk which iPad model sold the best.
  And this is why Microsoft is permanently on the back foot these days. They will not risk cannibalizing the Windows/Intel hegemony, so the RT Surface will be deliberately crippled to make sure that won't happen.
  It's a very valid question, but it's not unusual for Apple. They don't tend to separate figures for their laptop range either, if I remember rightly.   It could be because the sales are not as expected (for whatever reason), or it could be because they don't want to tell clue in their competitors as to which model is selling the best. 
  Blimey, you're right. You resize the window and you still can't see the notice ... 
I understand that this is not a proper news site, but the headline could be a little more accurate.   There is is no iPad shipping that looks like the design in question.
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