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  All good points, but there are two things to bear in mind:   Cost. Windows7 was over a hundred dollars when it was released. Microsoft saw that Windows8 was facing adoption problems on launch and so immediately dropped its price to $40, which is more palatable for folks who want to just try it out to see if it meets their needs.  Counting. Microsoft figures include OEM purchases and end user purchases in the figures. If you do buy a new machine then you have to have...
  So very true.
  Well, you're right; it's nothing worth getting excited over. The truth is that 99% of Apple customers will not give a hoot about changes to the icons.   I blame Tim Cook for the dull Apple rumours these days. Last year he said he'd double-down on security, which gave everyone a good laugh with all the iPhone leaks that followed. This year, he's got Apple buttoned up so tightly that any sliver of a rumour, no matter how ridiculous, is repeated for weeks on end.     Flat...
Whether or not the tax makes sense or not, if Apple collected it then it should be paid.   And I am assuming they collected it.
Makes no sense to me, unless Apple is about to unveil its own wireless comm network.
  Mmm.    Apple decline in Narnia.   Tim Cook needs to get right on that.
Can't think why Apple needs an analyst on the payroll.
  I think that at some point before the hearing began, Levin found out that Apple actually employs about 4000 people in Ireland and so decided it would be better if Apple wasn't given the opportunity to correct him in public.   And Mr McCain, if you have a problem with how many times your iPhone updates applications then write an email to Apple's feedback address; don't bring it up at a senate hearing.
Looks good :-)
  It's probably better to stick to the facts and numbers. Don't get drawn into what and what is not 'fair'.
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