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  But reporting every single Google outage wouldn't give AI the hit-whore quotient that drives them these days.
And here's a weird thought:   Microsoft is paid a royalty on every Android device sold. Assuming (and it is a big assumption) that Microsoft charges a different rate depending on the device, does this mean that the only Google and Microsoft know the real breakdown of the Android market?   http://www.livemint.com/Consumer/HEPjPSnpMIJ5T6gj4fQ0SM/FoxConn-to-pay-Microsoft-royalties-for-Android-devices.html
So the Microsoft partners and the know-nothing IT press are declaring Windows8 a failure, and the Microsoft Windows division posts results that are pretty much in line with the sales of Windows7 from last year.   That makes no sense, so I have to ask another layman's question:   When does Microsoft record a Windows license sale? Is it when the license is sold to the OEM, or when the license is activated by the end user? 
Tell you who else has got an MBA: John Browett.It doesn't actually prove your opinion is worth anything.And that is assuming you really have an MBA.
… or maybe they find you a tiny bit dull?
Is 'lengthy overseas trips' a euphuism for 'jail time'?
Aaah. Got it.So we're talkingPhonesTabletsPCsTV setsDVD PlayersGiven that they make so many products across so many price ranges then I stll don't understand why they don't make at least five times what Apple makes.
Phones Tablets PCs TV sets Washing machines Freezers Car and aircraft parts  God knows what else.   Samsung should be making ten times the profit that Apple does. 
  Wouldn't that be great? Someone told me that this site used to be much better: rumours and stories culled through insight and research, rather than just lifting content (almost word for word) from other sites in an embarrassingly transparent effort to cultivate hits through troll-whoring.   Very sad.   In recent months they've managed to sink lower than MacRumours, and that must've taken some doing.
New Posts  All Forums: