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  This kind of assumes that you are right and Apple is wrong. Unfortunately, you haven't really presented any evidence for your expertise in design. On the other hand, Apple is sitting on a hundred billion quid whereas you, I suspect, are sitting on considerably less.    Personally, I like the direction they're going in: the UI that gets out of your way. This is not the phone for folk who just like staring at pretty things on screens all day long. The icons are a work in...
It's also worth bearing in mind that the Ace Metrix survey rated the Microsoft 'Click' advert as more effective.http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57591257-71/apples-ads-failing-says-firm-that-called-surface-ads-effective/Even after MS was forced to dump thousands of Surface machines into the education system.
  Yup, you've just summarised Apple's strategy for the past fifteen years or so. They watched Microsoft struggle and fail with the tablet concept over and over, before finally releasing a tablet of their own.
What's a "concern troll"?
  Mmmm. Hadn't thought of that. 
Well, we only have the company's word that this is cannot be blocked. If they're wrong, good luck getting your money back.
Perhaps the good folk who run AppleInsider should consider opening GoogleInsider for stuff that is nothing to do with Apple.
I think this one of the poorest attempts at deflection I've ever read on this forum.Usually you structure your posts so that you try to come across as unbiased. You didn't even make the effort here.
A well-researched, well-written, well-presented article. What the hell's it doing here? I was pointing out to someone that the IOS app switcher was lifted from WebOS. They disagreed, saying that the IOS task switcher was simply the IOS Safari page switcher repurposed. His argument was that Palm simply used the Safari page switcher for something else. Not sure if I agree, but I can see his point.
I was never a fan of the "Mac vs PC" ads either, but they were much better. Apple advertising tends to focus on the bigger picture, like not having to deal with viruses, or being easier to set up.This advert focuses on not having an SD card slot, a problem easy solved with a visit to the Apple Store.The PC vs Mac ads left me thinking "Wow Apple, that's a bit smug."This MS ad left me thinking "Jeez Microsoft, is that all you've got?"
New Posts  All Forums: