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  The reason is very simple: Apple doesn't design products for cheapskate tech nerds who hang around in web forums wailing about how they'll jump to Android if the next iPhone doesn't have a sixty-inch screen, a fifty-year battery life, runs OSX, fits in a matchbox, and costs $29.99   Apple designs products for busy people with... er... lives.
Suing each other one minute, making sweet sweet love the next.   Weird.  
  Because calling out Apple makes for a fan fodder .... :-)
  No, the number of posts here represent a relatively small number of people who are not what you'd call typical Apple consumers - they're mostly techies or Android/Google fans.    Incidentally, it turns out that the problem was caused by a POI problem. Apple was using data provided by the Australian Gazetteer, the official go-to guide for this type of information. Yes, the dataset came from the state of Victoria itself. Which brings me back to my original point: the...
  Perhaps the reason they haven't changed the marketing materials is because they have a better idea of the real size of the problem, rather than guesswork based on the rumblings on the internet. This report, and the accompanying hysteria you've been swept along by, is based on a handful of people getting lost. How many others are actually reaching their destination using Apple Maps? Six, seven, or a few more than that?   I take your point on the advertising though. I...
  And how would that help Australia?
  Unfortunately, some people don't.      http://www.sacbee.com/2011/01/30/3362727/death-by-gps-in-desert.html   Your comment made me think of this story because of something the police officer said:      
  Well, that's just it isn't?   When folk follow a generic GPS without thinking, we call them idiots. When folk follow the Maps app without thinking, Cupertino is 'endangering lives'.  
  Haven't been doing this 'internet' thing very long then...  
  Which of course depends on how many people in that audience find it defective. If you're using the internet echo chamber as a guide then it's worth remembering the number of people who said that they would never get an iPhone5 if they shipped it with the 'long ugly' screen. By that reckoning, they shouldn't be selling too well.
New Posts  All Forums: