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Mmm. Aside from a horrendous day with the messages service, it's worked flawlessly for me since they launched it.   I agree with the bloke who said they should provide regional information for the outages, then perhaps we won't have websites like this one using every outage as a way to attract troll hits.   And I'd like a female voice for Siri in the UK, preferably Joanna Lumley. 
  Why is it the 'give me five inches or give me death' brigade are always foaming at the mouth? It's very simple: Apple doesn't want to make a big-screen phone (for whatever reason); there are plenty of other companies that do; if having a big screen on your phone is the most important thing to you then just buy another phone.
  Actually, the discounts only apply to the older iPad models, not the new one -- no real surprise there.   The big price slash on the iPhone5 is also not the first time this has happened; Walmart was discounting them on pre-order back in September. And the actual size of the discount really depends on the price of the two year contract that you HAVE to take out with the phone. I expect that Wal-Mart is seeing a cut of that.    And I suspect that Wal-Mart probably isn't...
  If I leave a window open and you climb inside and nick my stuff, that is still burglary - even if I left the window open.   What Google did was break the trust of their users.   Unforgivable
    Well, that's what the report said, if you have anything to refute it, aside from guesswork, then please share.     Which makes not a lot of difference. Apple was using data from a third party provider with an ambiguous town marking.       Accurate? Maybe. Unambiguous? No. The app will only be ever as good as the data you give it. That's software 101, I'm afraid.
  Actually, I thought it was very interesting.
  The reason is very simple: Apple doesn't design products for cheapskate tech nerds who hang around in web forums wailing about how they'll jump to Android if the next iPhone doesn't have a sixty-inch screen, a fifty-year battery life, runs OSX, fits in a matchbox, and costs $29.99   Apple designs products for busy people with... er... lives.
Suing each other one minute, making sweet sweet love the next.   Weird.  
  Because calling out Apple makes for a fan fodder .... :-)
  No, the number of posts here represent a relatively small number of people who are not what you'd call typical Apple consumers - they're mostly techies or Android/Google fans.    Incidentally, it turns out that the problem was caused by a POI problem. Apple was using data provided by the Australian Gazetteer, the official go-to guide for this type of information. Yes, the dataset came from the state of Victoria itself. Which brings me back to my original point: the...
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