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Not sure I like the look, but it's a damn sight faster.
  And if you can't to record it, Mr TV Company doesn't have to worry about you lending it to all your friends.
  Actually his last paragraph agreed completely with his first paragraph.   A CEO is not wholly responsible for the project failure if he was given inaccurate information. His responsibility is to ensure he's getting the right information so it doesn't happen again.
  If Apple is driven out of the smartphone market because took their IP and made cheap copies without having to spend a red cent on R&D then how would that keep the iPhone business healthy?
Bizarre.   Perhaps there is something to this 'shipped vs sold' stuff.   What else could explain such huge 'sales' of Android devices and such a low turnout on the internet?   Or maybe folk buy Android devices just to make phone calls, then zip round the corner and buy an iPad for everything else.
    Okay.   Apple (Earth #5674) is releasing something called the Macbook Air Extreme and will be running two ads for it. The first ad features Zooey Deschanel using it shave her legs, and the second has Samuel Jackson decapitating someone with it while yelling "How d'ya like that Apple muthaf****!"   In this universe, Apple's marketing strategy is a little less touchy-feely.   Oh, and Microsoft is renaming itself. They're going to be called 'BananaSoft',  because after...
Headline from AI (alternate Earth #5674) Black Friday: Apple cuts $201 off MacBooks, but authorised resellers forced out of business
  Not their smartest move. I still have no idea what they had to gain by annoying the judge.
That's a weird photo.   It makes it look as though Disney is run by a cartoon character ...
Just waiting for the AI followup headline:   "Waning demand for iPhone5?"   Or the raw, unchecked version:   "Demand for iPhone 5. Waning it is."
New Posts  All Forums: