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Mmm. Interesting. I never read it that way. Looking at the comments surrounding the 'cool' part, I don't think he was trying to be sarcastic; he was trying to be trendy.
  So far, Apple has been fined just over a million euros. Do you think that is more or less than what they make in Italy per year?   I'm thinking, less.
"Two days after I installed Google@Home, my toilet habits started showing up in web searches..."
A thousand times this.This is the root of the problem. Apple really has to start playing the game.
I dunno. Europe's fines are based on how much money they need more than anything else. It could be much bigger than the billion Samsung owes Apple.
  Are they actually undoing the law or just making it easier for people to appeal against existing patents?
  Well, this isn't actually a 'news' site, is it?  The problem is that most of Apple's customers don't tend to spend web time surfing Mac rumour sites, which means that best way for these blogs to attract hits is to bring in Android users, who do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on Mac rumour sites.   It's a shame to see AppleInsider hit the skids like this (I suspect falling readership is the reason behind it), but it's the way of the world it seems. Now I...
  So far? None, I think.   But a whole bucket load are under review.
Unfortunately, the number of pages in a thread is no real indicator of problem size. For example, here's a few observations from the thread you cited:A lot of people are complaining.A lot of people are posting the same complaint more than once.A lot of people are posting to say the service is great and they're having no problems.A lot of people are posting to say the service is great and they're having no problems, more than once.And one person who says he has no problems...
Mmm. Aside from a horrendous day with the messages service, it's worked flawlessly for me since they launched it.   I agree with the bloke who said they should provide regional information for the outages, then perhaps we won't have websites like this one using every outage as a way to attract troll hits.   And I'd like a female voice for Siri in the UK, preferably Joanna Lumley. 
New Posts  All Forums: