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  Another new joiner. Starting to think they're all the same person.
  If they can recover from Maps (not a beta) then they can recover from one or two inconsistencies in an iOS beta. They're not going to make any major design changes because there's no need to.   From what I've seen, I like it a lot.   My only two beefs are the Safari icon (looks like it was scribbled) and the Game Center icon (the 3D bubbles don't really tell me what it is inconsistent with the flat look of the other icons).   I think folk need to remember that this not...
I guess I need to see a practical application for this. Right now, I don't get it.
  The problem I have with the current Airport is that it takes up rather a lot of space because it's a big flat square. This should be much better.
  You know that no one believes the 'outraged Apple user' shtick, right? 
  If they have to comply by law, then how are they supposed to tell the NSA to go f*ck themselves? So as the feds are carting Tim Cook off to jail, how many of the righteously indignant here would lie down in front of the prison bus? Not many. So unless you're prepared to make a stand yourself then don't expect others to break the law for you.   This has happened because more than anyone else (Google, Apple, Microsoft) the government knows how people work. The people will...
  What can I say?  You honestly thought wrong.    But let me guess this straight:   Apple doesn't have a cheap phone, so it's failing Samsung's phones are cheap, so it's failing.   Looks to me like the real failures are the analysts.
  The publishers don't deserve it. The fine was the price of caving in, bending over and taking it.   Anyway, I'm really not following this. If Amazon asks for the same deals then why hasn't this been thrown out already?
So to sum up:   There'll be a lot of indignant ranting for about two more days then everyone will do precisely nothing.   That's how it works, yes?
  Where in that article does it say that Amazon threatened to pull their books if Macmillan signed with Apple?    Let me help you; it doesn't.   Yes, Amazon pulling the books is pretty unsavoury, but that doesn't mean they were stopping Macmillan from joining iBooks.
New Posts  All Forums: