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  Yes, now that was tragic. 
  Apple seems to be using lots of third-party local services to provide the POI data.
  It depends. Australia is vast and empty, so driving for hours without seeing a town, person or signpost is fairly normal.    But you are right: you'd be an idiot not to check for the general location on a map, along with places to stop for help along the route in case of an emergency.   Australia is not to be trifled with.
  Did happen to me in Canada once. The car's sat nav was taking me one route, but the signs were pointing east, so I switched it off and used the map.   If there are no road signs and you haven't got a map (and I really can't imagine why anyone would drive in a country they're unfamiliar without a decent map) then you're pretty much stuck with the technology.
  Right, so in your capacity as Apple's software tester, how would you go have gone about testing for every location that folk are likely to search for?
Where is Apple getting all this crap data from?   Or is it the data? I mean, surely TomTom can't be making these mistakes?
  And by the same token, iPhone project started many years before the first iPhone device was released. So there is nothing to say that the Surface (and the table form is a completely different implementation to the system used in the iOS) did predate the iPhone.   In fact, we now know that the iPad predates the iPhone by a number of years, so Apple's first multitouch prototype was probably between 2001 and 2003.     It's probably worth pointing out that no one...
I don't think it will have a DVR function though. If you can watch any programme on demand then why would you need it?When Cook says that watching TV is like going back in time 30 or 40 years, I think he is referring to the fact that everyone is still tied to TV schedules.
I wonder if they're getting some sort of tax break that will allow them to bring some of their cash back into the country.
  Er .. quite.   I think Samsung realises that Cook is just as unlikely to let this go as Jobs was. They're looking to pay the licence fees but want to be sure they're not paying over the odds.
New Posts  All Forums: