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  No, they don't.
  Those are some nice number. A few things to bear in mind:   1/. The XBox division still hasn't broken even on the amount of cash poured into it over the years.    2/. Microsoft has sold 70million XBox360 consoles in total. Apple total sales of iOS devices are near 400million. Even if you could prove your assertion that 'a lot' of IOS device have been thrown away, the chances are that the 'thrower' will buy a new iOS device to replace it.    3/. In the last quarter,...
Ironically, this sounds more like someone's disappointment over the iPad's lack of a Retina screen than an accurate analysis of the market's thinking. As others have said, the big sell-off has hit everybody. The effect on Apple is greater because Apple is the most talked-about stock on the planet. It's a simple as that.The market makers don't care what goes into an Apple product; most of them don't even know. if you're going to apply your own emotional attachment to having...
  Well, we already know from the Samsung/Apple that Apple is happy to negotiate licenses over seeking sales bans; Microsoft licensed technology from them to the Surface laptop/tablet.
  The problem is that Ballmer is not sure what to do next. He's been throwing money at various ideas and markets for years, and very little of it has returned anything of note.    But by following Apple's strategy, Ballmer is so close to the answer it almost hurts. Hardware? Check. Shops? Check.   He needs to go all out. Copy the Apple story to the letter.   Bring back Gates as an advisor and let human nature and common sense take its course. Within a year, Ballmer will...
  Yup.   Do you remember when Tim Cook apologised for the Maps foul up, and the stock price tanked? The Apple buyback started the day after that.
Another unfounded rumour. Quel supris. How easy is it to start one of these? TIM COOK IS A MARTIAN (says unnamed source)
Sounds like folk bought in bulk and were surprised to find that Apple produced enough to satisfy the first week's demand.Left with a garage full of IPads, they had to drop the price or return them.
Did anyone really believe it was so easy to just jack prices on a signed contract?
  Give it time ....   http://www.politics.co.uk/news/2012/10/15/may-s-surprise-attack-uk-to-opt-out-of-130-eu-laws
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