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Right, could someone explain this to me. This wasn't about the design of the iPad, but some other design that Samsung wanted to prove it didn't infringe. So why do all the IT rags keep banging on about copying the iPad?
The problem is that Samsung didn't want to negotiate.
  Which kind of proves their point.   The iPhone stands at 19% Android stands at 25%   Considering that the number of Android models available far outstrips the number of iPhone models then that's pretty impressive.
 I think they are referring to the fact that these are 'shipped' phones, which does not necessarily mean that they're all in end user hands.   A better measure of share is to look at the stats on popular websites. These are phones that are actually in use.
  Apple was never required to state that the product 'does not copy' and was never required to apologise. Apple was told to display the judgement on its website; it was never told to pretend to agree with it.   They are entitled to include the judge's comments because his comments were the reason for the judgement.  Including the judgements from the other countries? That's probably playing a little fast and loose.
  Then Samsung should accept the $1billion fine, pay Apple and move on.
So, is the judge saying that he didn't say Apple products are cool?
  Would that be the same Samsung that leaked documents to the press because they disagreed with the judge who told them they were inadmissible as evidence?   Or the same Samsung that destroyed emails after the same judge had told them they must be submitted to the court?
  A top flight executive should be adaptable. Browett's remit at the Dixons Group was to keep the company profitable in a cut-throat market. I imagine that part of the reason Cook hired him was because he not only expanded the Dixons retail arm (during a recession), he also managed to drive their nearest competitor out of business. Browett also realised that in a recession, he needed to focus on the more affluent customers, which is why he introduced the Black Store...
  They could do that, but they'd rather not.   Apple believes that app should be optimised for the platform they're running on (tablet or desktop). MS knows that to gain traction they must make life as easy for the developer as possible, even if it means compromising the end user experience.
New Posts  All Forums: