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  The design agenda is precisely why the machine is not upgradeable. By soldering stuff directly onto the boards, they eliminate the need for brackets that would make the machine thicker. If you don't like it then buy a different machine; Apple is not going to change this for the decreasing number of people who tinker with their computers (and the number was never that big to begin with).
  I think this site needs some sort of 'Armchair CEO' filter:   Filter out all posts that contain any derivative of "This wouldn't have happened if Steve were still alive." Filter out all posts that contain the word "skeuomorphic." Filter out any post that starts with a list of Apple kit owned by the writer, who mistakenly believes it adds some sort of legitimacy to what he's saying.
I think you measure at the thickest point.
Steve would have apologised? Is this the same Steve who told you you were holding your phone wrong? And I don't remember Steve apologising for the cracked cases on the G4 cube.It seems to me that a lot of Apple fans have chosen to forget a lot of the daft things Steve did.Let's also not forget that he also made the single greatest error of judgement in Apple's history: putting Schmidt on his board of directors. If he hadn't done then they wouldn't be fighting Android for...
  Sounds like a reasonable option.
  I think it's also worth bearing in mind the changes in software development practice over the past couple of years. Twenty years ago, Apple would have kept Maps hidden, developing it, polishing it and then releasing it ... only to find that time had moved on and it was not what users wanted any more.   Your point about Final Cut Pro X is a good one, but it's been going on a lot longer than that: the initial releases of  MacOSX were awful (oh come on! they were!), but...
You've got a little something foaming out the side of your mouth there ....
  You do know that no one believes you, right?   :-)
  Fortunately, this is not going to happen.   The problem with something like this is that you cannot assemble a test team big enough to cover every scenario. As many have said, Google had problems from day one, and still has them now. And this time next year, the Apple service will still have problems, though a lot less than it has now. Right now, Apple is doing the two most important things it can in this situation:   Attempting to fix what is obviously a big problem...
    The launch of the iPhone is separate from the launch of iOS6, since one does not depend on the other.   As far as I can tell, the iPhone launch was even more successful than the last one.
New Posts  All Forums: