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  In the US case, Judge Koh told Samsung that documents they filed late were not admissible as evidence. Samsung's response was to release them to the public. I don't remember the Android fans complaining too loudly about that.
  It is not contempt of court and the judge made a fool of himself.    He did not order an apology. He said that Apple must post a statement saying Samsung did not infringe and a link to the verdict. Apple has complied. He said that Apple did not have to make it into an advert for Samsung products, Apple has not.   He cannot ask Apple to remove his comments (he did say that the iPad was cool and the Samsung tab was 'thin' and 'insubstantial) because then he would be...
Assembly isn't the problem. The problem is getting the components for Foxconn to assemble.
Oh, they get it. They just can't do it. They need people to accept their broken vision so they can protect the Windows ecosystem.Ask yourself this: in ten years time, what will Apple compromise to protect the iCloud ecosystem?
The problem is that, unlike Apple, Microsoft has never learned that it must cannibalise its own products to move forward. A few years ago they were showing off a device called the Courier which was a master stroke: a dual screen tablet supporting handwriting recognition and collaboration. Ballmer canned it because it wasn't Windows.So the went back to the drawing board and made the same mistake again: a device that is neither one thing or the other. I remember when they...
I think you've missed the point of the dynamic pin assignment.A lightning cable is USB3 when the connected device tells it it is USB3
^^^   Blimey .... 
 The only thing I can think of is that the MBA is about to become some sort of paper-thin ARM thing.
  I have to agree; I'm not sure I see the point of this.    And can an integrated chip really drive a display like this and give you enough headroom left over to do pro stuff?
For the past couple of weeks, I've been fascinated by the pundits who thought that Apple was going to suddenly dive into the bargain bin, when the company has become a tech powerhouse by avoiding it. I thought it would come in at $349 because I failed to take into account how Apple mixes specs and prices to make it easy for their customers to decide which product suits their needs the best. It's really very simple: spec whores, geeks and cheapskates are not Apple's...
New Posts  All Forums: