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  Really?   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57441279-37/tim-cook-opts-out-of-$75m-worth-of-company-dividends/
Really?   Mmm. Surprising.
  Better or worse than China?
I could live with that, but when the dealership told me the windscreen wasn't held in place by magnets....Screw you Porsche! If I can't pop out the windscreen with a coin then no deal!
  Not so sure. Samsung is looking at the deal that Apple made with HTC, so I think they're ready to pay the license fee - which is what Apple wanted all along.   This will probably speed up the negotiations.
First the judgement in the Netherlands, and now this.   Apple seems to be having an uncommonly good week in the courts.
Not sure I like the look, but it's a damn sight faster.
  And if you can't to record it, Mr TV Company doesn't have to worry about you lending it to all your friends.
  Actually his last paragraph agreed completely with his first paragraph.   A CEO is not wholly responsible for the project failure if he was given inaccurate information. His responsibility is to ensure he's getting the right information so it doesn't happen again.
  If Apple is driven out of the smartphone market because took their IP and made cheap copies without having to spend a red cent on R&D then how would that keep the iPhone business healthy?
New Posts  All Forums: