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  And it turns out that the stories about Samsung cutting screen supplies to Apple were also untrue.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57537773-37/samsung-says-its-still-supplying-lcd-panels-to-apple/
  The details come from an unnamed person allegedly familiar with negotiations between the two companies.   Yup, that's always a winner.
  True enough, and I imagine that Apple expected this. It's worth the short term hit, IMO. The sooner they're shot of Samsung, the better.
  No, he's not. This is not about the design of the iPad.  Samsung went to court to get a ruling that they had not copied one of earlier Apple's designs. This was not the design for any shipping iPad model. Samsung would not risk fighting this on the actual iPad design because they have already been slapped with an injunction in Germany.   Considering that the case was not about the iPad design, the judge was foolish to bring the iPad design into it by saying the Samsung...
  Very true. Look at the way Samsung got away with leaking documents to the press when Judge Koh told them that they were not admissible as evidence.     Hang on a moment.   In July, UK Judge Colin Birss handed ordered Apple to post a notice on the homepage of its website saying Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad.   and   The court found the added content to be false and sought to "undermine the intent" of the order, specifically citing a quote from Judge Birss...
  Apple's shares and sales are both higher since the case started. Most of the cases against Apple haven't been settled yet. However, I think Apple is losing most of the battles, but may have already won the war:   http://www.fastcodesign.com/1665235/how-samsung-designed-its-new-galaxy-nexus-to-skirt-apples-ip
  And people think that copying Apple is a serious crime ....
  Unfortunately, you're assuming that someone's day job is an indicator of how technically adept he/she is. You also didn't account for jobs they may have had in the past.   Most of them owned smartphones and tablets, four had worked for technology companies, two were engineers. And the most important fact is that Samsung approved all of them.   I know people with masters degrees who work as shop assistants. It doesn't mean they're not technically adept.           Amongst...
  Damaging their reputation? The only thing that folk will remember is the idiot judge saying that 'Samsung wasn't as as cool.'   And they'll forget that quickly enough too.   Still, if the judge is out to get headlines out of a exceptionally dull case, then Apple should stop obliging him. 
They state that the problem (if it is indeed a problem) is caused by hardware, but fail to say why.    Could it be that presenting it as a hardware glitch is a little more sensationalist?   Two possibilities:   1/. Apple will present a 'software fix' that will do nothing, but will lead the six people who believe they've seen the problem to proclaim that all is well. 2/. Folk will lose interest and go on to something else (as they did with PurpleFlareGate).
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