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  Nicely done ... :-)
  That's a big 'if'.   Samsung lives and dies by its specs, so I'd be very surprised if they didn't stick the latest version of Android on the new model.
  If the companies are simply selling to the channel then they may not know exactly how many of their phones make it into the hands of consumers.
  Yes, of course I am ...
Well, I'm not really sure it's valid to include all of Samsung's handsets because Apple only sells smartphones. As it stands, they outsold all of Samsung's smartphones.   http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apples-old-iphone-iphone-4s-142300162.html   But as you say, they didn't outsell all of Samsung on dumb phones. Apple were also soundly beaten by Samsung's refrigerator sales, aircraft part sales, tv sets, sound equipment, car parts, processor and memory sales, robotics...
  It's odd that you think a measure of effective marketing is how much you spend on it.   Microsoft has spent a billion on Windows8/Surface advertising, but doesn't appear to have made that much of an impact.   And even though Samsung spent more in marketing, they were still outsold by the iPhone5 AND the older iPhone4 last quarter.
  You value the opinion of a man who had nothing to do with the iMac, the iPod, OSX, the iPhone, the iPad, iOS ... over the opinion of the marketing director who was at least partially responsible for Apple becoming the world's most profitable consumer electronics company, simply because he doesn't agree with you?
  "Hello, Security? Yeah, could you send someone upstairs? Make sure he's big and make sure he's got a bathrobe or something..."
  AI doesn't really care about newsworthy.   What they're looking for his ad-hit-worthy.
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