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That's what's happening. The politicians and the home grown corporations funding them are all using the same loopholes to avoid tax.
That's called 'evolution' my friend, and if you want to know what happens to entities that don't evolve then ask Steve Ballmer.
A rhombus? Really?This is why I never post if I've been drinking.
As usual, folk read about Apple's work to improve diversity and get hot under their collective collar. This isn't about hiring people because they're black. It's about ensuring that qualified people are not turned away because they are black. Apple isn't telling its managers to give ethnic minorities the preferential nod. It's telling its managers to make sure they're not turning away the best person for the job because they're not Caucasian. Relax. As long as he's...
Translation;Microsoft is tracking you, even though you've asked them not to, so let's try to divert the conversation elsewhere.
Are there a thousand different accessories available in any Apple Store? I think the number is closer to a hundred at most.Ape has no said that the packages have to carry the same picture, so you should be able to do what you did before:If the box has a picture of a Tech21 iPhone case on the front, then there is a good chance that's what's in the box.
Since the credit card companies will shift the burden of fraud reimbursements to vendors using older, less secure machines, then I think that's a pretty good incentive to upgrade.
That's what they're doing. Apple is making sure that they're not missing out on hiring some talented people by making a proactive effort to seek them out.
I saw that watch yesterday at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne. It looks like a tank with a strap.
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