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I'm curious.Did Tim Cook kick your puppy?
This story is already past it's sell-by date, so AI, late to the game as usual, has to make do with sloppy seconds for its hit-whoring.   http://************/2014/11/04/debunk-128gb-iphone-6-plus-recall-false-crashing-bug-rare/   Meanwhile, the marginally better sites have already moved on.   Shame really. I remember when this site used to get real scoops.    Oh, and the scrubbed bit from the URL is 'ninetofivemacdotcom'   One other thing: If you slim that main...
Wot . . . no Sog?
The deal is that Apple owns the plant and equipment; GTAT runs it. If GTAT puts up a fight then I suspect Apple will simply use it as an excuse to move sapphire production to South Korea or China.
I haven't used the button since the control centre appeared, but I agree with what you saiid about the hissy fit: a tiny vocal minority, bolstered by a much larger Android/ Samsung group will attempt to create 'PhysicalorientationlockswitchGate'.And a few weeks later, Samsung will release a tablet with an orientation lock switch the size of an SUV and backed by the their new 'Because we know what's important to you' advertising campaign. This the slogan they will be using...
To avoid Chingate
Why would a kidnapper put the location of his victim in his phone? Is he likely to forget?
The same NFC terminal will support different payment systems, in much the same way that current readers support multiple credit cards.You are correct that Apple's market share is much lower than that of Android, but if there's one thing I've learned, after watching Samsung's phone business collapse overnight, is that market share is not as important as the quality of your customer base. Apple users tend to have more money and are a lot more willing to spend it. They loyal...
From what I've read about him, he probably has them in different memory capacities so he can experience the subtle differences in balance and weight.
I dunno though.If he'd come up with a pub toilet that didn't sway while you were trying to use it …
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