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Well said. I never understand people who think reality will shift if they add 'clearly' or 'anyone can see' to their post.
 Neither does Apple, but it doesn't seem to stop them churning out chip designs.
1/. It's not a flashlight. It's a mobile hotspot.2/. Screw-in flashlights aren't designed to accomodate multiple battery sizes.
That made my morning.
When the tax situation changes then I suspect a lot of tech companies will pull out of Ireland. This will leave Apple with the pick of a well-educated work force going cheap.
That's pretty much the size of it. Apple needs to get off its high horse and join the likes of Google and Amazon down in the mud.
If you're not willing to mess around with the MFI program then you could be making substandard cables that could damage the iPad/iPhone or (in the worst cases) the user. The MFI program not only brings in revenue for Apple, it guarantees a higher level of quality than just leaving the vendors to make the cheapest cables they can. Apple has never felt the need to chase every market; likewise they have never felt the need to chase every cable vendor.  And I'm not sure where...
Could be that folk are passing on the iPad and going with a humongous iPhone instead.
Indeed. I read the Geekbench stuff and thought, "That  doesn't tell me anything." A bit further down you mentioned the demos at the Apple store. That was much more useful.
Agreed.If Apple's fortunes were decided by Internet forums then they would have gone bust when Steve Jobs passed away.
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