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Everyone knows what opportunity cost is. The problem is that he attributed half a billion dollars to opportunity cost, which is a random figure he pulled straight from his butt.
Apple showed if off now to destroy the sales of every other smart watch over Christmas.
And off he runs . . .
Almost. You need to say something like:"This would never have happened on Steve's watch",without having the common sense to check whether or not it happened on Steve's watch.
Hilarious, but only Moss bends over that far to flush a toilet.
When will they learn? Constantly drawing attention to competitors' products just makes you look desperate. Watch the Apple keynote! Watch Cooke compare the current iPhone with the last generation iPhone, implicitly telling the watcher that the iPhone has no real competition.   Will the iPhone bend? If I apply enough force to it make my eyes bleed, then yes it probably will. So should I buy an inferior phone because of it, or would it be better to buy a better phone and...
Apple says they didn't do it. Ireland says they didn't do it.   So who is saying they did do it, and unless they were present in the room, how did they find out?
What, in the name of God, was the point of that??Does ad revenue cover the cost of the phone?
The fact that Jobs picked Tim Cook to succeed him demonstrates what a forward-thinking genius the man was.
Fair point, but I disagree. Apple's competitors are simply seizing an opportunity to slow the juggernaut, and it would a disservice to their shareholders if they didn't try … something. No, this is the price of unparalleled success and the economics of the Internet.Page clicks = easy moneyBad news generates more clicks than good news.If it ain't Apple then no one cares.
New Posts  All Forums: