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And it also doesn't support iTunes Radio in the UK.What were they thinking?? 😱😱
Wish my keyboard had a backpedal key. 😕
I'm a little surprised that folk think Lynch is a bad hire based on something that no one has actually used yet. And I suspect the design of the UI is down to Ive, not Lynch.
And I thought we'd finally got past folk dropping 'skeuomorphic' into conversations when it didn't really apply.You know that picture of a heart you see on Valentine cards? Well believe it or not, an actual human heart doesn't look anything like that.
Yes, I read somewhere that Lynch stopped iTunes Radio being released in the UK as soon as he heard you wanted it. He is a bad man.
 People walking  around wearing these big clunky things on their heads? I just can't see it.
I think it's time these people started paying legal costs if they lose. The reason the UK doesn't have such a massive industry in lawsuits is because you'd better be damn sure you have a strong case before going to court.   This company knows it will lose eventually; the trick is to wear your victim down until he agrees to pay just to make it go away.   Pity they picked a 'victim' with really deep pockets and an unwavering belief that they're always right.
In six billion years, the sun will expand to consume the entire solar system.  The last living human will gaze at the encroaching end-of-all-things and say: "I knew it! Apple couldn't last forever!"
 No one believes you want it to catch on.
 I think a lot of people made stuff up, and when the watch actually appeared, sensible folk weren't surprised that it didn't have a blood sugar monitor built into the back and it didn't fold time and space. We're seeing the same nonsense with the supposed automotive project. In a few months time, "sources close to the project" will claim that Apple has cracked the temporal engine and that the AppleCar will get you to your destination before you actually leave.
New Posts  All Forums: