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Y'see, this is the sort of detail I would have included in the keynote, instead of wasting so much time on that train-wreck of a music announcement.
Samsung and Windows copied Continuity wholesale. Why don't you bleat on about that?
 To be honest, I'd be a lot more concerned about the font change if the majority of people here liked it.
Just seems to prove what everyone's known for some time: Apple customers are notoriously hard to please.
Wouldn't tracking constantly drain the phone battery? And they need to bolster their ethics team, not their legal department.
Was it Vic Reeves who said nearly 85% of statistics are made up on the spot?
Well said. I never understand people who think reality will shift if they add 'clearly' or 'anyone can see' to their post.
 Neither does Apple, but it doesn't seem to stop them churning out chip designs.
1/. It's not a flashlight. It's a mobile hotspot.2/. Screw-in flashlights aren't designed to accomodate multiple battery sizes.
That made my morning.
New Posts  All Forums: