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Er … no, that's not how it works. Tidal made the accusation, so they need to prove it. What's that? They won't because the want to keep it classy? Yes, because posting a poorly worded accusation and then refusing to show the evidence wreaks of 'classy'.Show the proof, or it didn't happen.
The world changed because people want something for nothing.And this nothing new; how many writers earn enough to make a living out of it?
Well, that is indeed very scary. Some of these people are probably allowed to drive and use sharp pencils.
I don't have a problem with ads on web pages. What I don't want is those ads to impede my reading experience by automatically loading the iOS App Store, or covering the content with a big square of crap I don't care about.   I don't want half the page filled with ads that start with phrases like 'You won't believe …' or 'Ten ways to …'   If the ad syndicates would just think about what they're doing then Apple wouldn't have to do this.   I'm no fan of Google, but...
I do have a few issues with Apple Support.   Sometimes they answer the phone so fast it freaks me out. Let it ring dammit! I haven't had time to work myself into a self-righteous rage! They are too polite. I wonder if the whole experience would be quicker if they were a little less polite. They seem to genuinely care. Again, that freaks me out.   I think by offering such an excellent service, they are denying me the opportunity to work through my anger issues.  As...
Well, I was wrong. I think there's too much evidence to keep insisting that Apple isn't moving into automotives. The question is … when?
Mmm. I missed that.Did people say it was a silly idea, or did they say it was silly to allow Google to sell yet more information about your life by allowing them to track your movements in a car?
This is more about creating a lasting impression in the minds of people who walk past the window. The trick is not the watch ( which doesn't feature very prominently), but the large display of flowers. The flowers are beautiful. You remember the flowers, and your brain triggers an association with the watch.Apple's marketing is alway tightly focussed on the product and what they want you to associate with the product.Even the PC guy ads worked in the same way. Did you want...
Exactly. They have nothing to lose. And I imagine that they won't be using brand new phones for the trials. If they did and the user opts to stay with Apple then they now have a phone that can't be sold as new and nothing to show for it. You opt to buy in, then you get a new phone. (That's why you need to return the phone at the end of the trial.)
Are you still trying to start a fight?
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