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Stop trying to copy Apple's strategy and instead copy Apple's philosophy: Don't be afraid to burn everything you've built in exchange for a better future.Microsoft is where it is today because they couldn't bring themselves to look beyond Windows. If they had stuck with the Courier concept then I'm pretty sure that the iPad would never have cornered the market.Tech companies goes through the same life cycle: a shot at changing the world, huge profits, a series of...
Apple should buy Otterbox; they seem to have better lawyers on staff.
  No, the reason is that no one gives a s**t about the Digital Power Group so they put some stuff out about the iPhone to get some web chat going. It's an industry standard practice.
Wow He just flat-out lied.
I don't think anything Microsoft does will help at this point.   They are known to dump products that aren't successful (as any company should), but with such high-profile failures such as the Zune and Kin, folk are wary about signing on with something that could disappear at any moment. And without sales it becomes increasingly likely that MS will dump it. Sort of a vicious circle.
  No pressure needed. A quick email and the South Korean government will fall into line.
  Then you need to have a quiet word with the South Korean leadership.   http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/29/samsungs-former-chairman-pardoned-again/
Every time I read a long article on Samsung, I get this overpowering urge to wash my hands.
  Samsung is pretty much immune to Korean law   http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/29/samsungs-former-chairman-pardoned-again/   So it's unlikely that such a ban would ever be on the table in the first place.
The secrecy at Apple must be wound up tighter than ever;  AI has to scrounge page hits by posting non-Apple reviews.  
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