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 That's a relief! If ZDNET hadn't gone into panic mode on Microsoft's behalf then I might have been worried.
 Yup, that is precisely the point: there's nothing new in terms of language features, but it's new to Apple's platform, and that's what the developers at the WWDC care about. It's laughable to read all the experts here bleating on about how none of this stuff is new; Apple never claimed it was.
I wish people would show a little more consideration and put the tired "Steve wouldn't have done this" meme at the start of the post. Then folk would know straight away that everything that follows is drivel.
Perhaps the real reason is that relatively few people actually dislike it.
 Just what I was thinking. 
 Er . . . you know it was a developers' conference, right?
 Should be very easy to do. The language is very similar to Scala,  and to Kotlin which is currently being developed by Jetbrains.  The position of the type identifier is the same in both these languages; I'm told it makes the syntax for functional programming much easier to comprehend.
 I don't think we're talking replacement just yet. But yes, header files ....
 Very true, but in this case the domain is general-purpose programming. Having had a quick read through the book, Apple seems to have cracked this in spades. It's certainly a lot more capable than the prototyping language you're trying to cast it as; rather, it sits nicely within the object/functional set that Scala occupies. Performance an issue? Could be; no one knows for sure just yet, but your argument is very similar to ones I heard many years ago: "C??? Do me a...
 Nokia owns the phone market and they have phenomenal gear. It is a crowded market and apple knows this fact. There is no way they are thinking about this in terms of hardware/software as they do with computers and music players. They will most likely create official partnerships and put their logo on some equipment. This is a mistake and I will live to see Apple realize it. I think this kind of comment is known as a 'Ballmerism'
New Posts  All Forums: