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"Something you did may have caused …" Love the way they do that.
 Wow. You can almost smell the desperation.  
Your post reads like a desperate attempt to prove that Apple is collusion with 9to5Mac. I imagine you were hoping to plant your theory in order to somehow taint the view that folk have on Apple's involvement.So let's try this for an unproven theory:This line of Google research is a bizarre idea for the reason that mstone highlighted: diabetics are advised not to wear contact lenses. So why is Google doing it? Because they've learned that the trick to getting people to...
That must be a very small block …I don't get a peep from Apple until I'm standing next to the shop.
I was thinking the same thing.However, I have had an iPhone bricked after an update.I took it the local Apple shop, showed it to an elderly hipster in a blue t-shirt. Before I had time to yell 'This is an outrage!', he'd disappeared to get a replacement phone. The original phone was about a month out of warranty.
Yes, that's the problem. Being good at increasing shareholder value isn't the same as being a good CEO.Could be that Apple has a huge chunk of cash earmarked for something. Icahn doesn't know, and I don't see why Apple should tell him; his exposure ain't that great.
And I imagine that he will have at least studied corporate finance during his MBA.
 Have you got any references for these claims?
Reading some of the posts, you'd think that Apple was never going to improve it, that they'd wiped the old version from the machine, and that folk don't take backu… Hang on; scratch that last one.
New Posts  All Forums: