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I was thinking the same thing.However, I have had an iPhone bricked after an update.I took it the local Apple shop, showed it to an elderly hipster in a blue t-shirt. Before I had time to yell 'This is an outrage!', he'd disappeared to get a replacement phone. The original phone was about a month out of warranty.
Yes, that's the problem. Being good at increasing shareholder value isn't the same as being a good CEO.Could be that Apple has a huge chunk of cash earmarked for something. Icahn doesn't know, and I don't see why Apple should tell him; his exposure ain't that great.
And I imagine that he will have at least studied corporate finance during his MBA.
 Have you got any references for these claims?
Reading some of the posts, you'd think that Apple was never going to improve it, that they'd wiped the old version from the machine, and that folk don't take backu… Hang on; scratch that last one.
The interesting thing about the support note is that it doesn't contain even a hint of an apology. Apple pretty much expected this reaction from a fairly vocal minority living inside the internet echo chamber and decided to weather it until they get the package up to snuff. Contrast this with the original Maps release; the backlash took them completely by surprise, though I was suspicious when Apple started buying back stock the day after Cook issued the apology.
Yup, first thing that occurred to me when this all blew up.For years, we've been told that iWorks isn't a professional tool, and that Apple needs to bloat it to make it a replacement for Office. Now, power-users and folk who are using it to run their businesses are popping up all over the place. Most odd.
Well, they could have done this, but it would have made little difference: people would still complain about the missing features. What's worse is that new customers and people for whom the missing stuff would make little difference would see this as Apple telling them that they are releasing incomplete software. Who would use it?Releasing it without saying anything means that people have tried it and given feedback. Apple now knows what needs to be sided back as a...
 Er, nothing you have said disproves anything about the 'fair licensing' argument.  An SEP must be licensed under fair and equitable terms and must not be used to blackmail the competition into letting you steal their stuff – which is what Samsung attempted to do. Now, is the RockStar consortium refusing to license the patents under fair and equitable terms?  http://www.fosspatents.com/2013/11/failed-44-billion-bid-for-nortel.html Having watched Samsung having its head...
New Posts  All Forums: