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So, I can't listen to music and charge the phone at the same time?
The head of Blackberry was in the running??
As well as avoiding a fight in the high-end phone market, Samsung management should not challenge him to a bout of arm-wrestling.
And I could just as easily tell you to be less naive.The BBC knew about this while it was happening, and they knew about it long after. They 'investigated' because they had no choice once a few brave individuals came forward, the police got involved, and they were facing a PR disaster the like of which they had never seen before.Should they investigate Apple's claims? By all means, yes. But the problem I have now is that whenever the Beeb runs one of these exposure pieces,...
 Yup, I heard they can't shift the iPhone6/6+ for love or money.  The only storm is the one in your teacup.
I have to agree.But since three people cringed about their poor attempt to add a little forum fight sizzle to the story, then it earned them a couple of clicks at least.I miss journalism. Just so hard to find it these days.
I'm curious.Did Tim Cook kick your puppy?
This story is already past it's sell-by date, so AI, late to the game as usual, has to make do with sloppy seconds for its hit-whoring.   http://************/2014/11/04/debunk-128gb-iphone-6-plus-recall-false-crashing-bug-rare/   Meanwhile, the marginally better sites have already moved on.   Shame really. I remember when this site used to get real scoops.    Oh, and the scrubbed bit from the URL is 'ninetofivemacdotcom'   One other thing: If you slim that main...
Wot . . . no Sog?
The deal is that Apple owns the plant and equipment; GTAT runs it. If GTAT puts up a fight then I suspect Apple will simply use it as an excuse to move sapphire production to South Korea or China.
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