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 They're not bored; they're talentless. They lack the ability to research effectively, join the dots, then write cohesively. They don't know anything, so they're throwing crap at the walls and hoping that something sticks. If this Dre thing turns out to be hot air, then we can expect MONTHS of 'analysis' explaining how Apple let the deal slip through its fingers.
Apple would rather lose the deal than rush things.
So he's not genuinely sorry; he just wants to sweep the mess away before his kid takes over.   What a class act.
First off, I don't think there's really any need to get too excited until Apple confirms it. If/when they do then we'll get a better idea of Cook's plans.   In the meantime, I'll join in with the hysterical screaming if that's okay.    To all those people who trust Cook's judgement and point out that he runs the world's most successful tech company: This is very true, but remember that the know-nothing armchair experts were screaming that Browett was a bad hire from...
Apple should hire Oracle's lawyers. 
Well, that was pretty cringeworthy. Trying to sound as if they understand design and failing quite badly.
 Amazing how often you still here that old Xerox story, isn't it? Here are a few other desperate statement that have made the rounds over the past couple of days: Hah! See Apple is also a slavish, criminal copier! Forgetting that two wrongs don't make a right, it seems that a number of Android fans believe that Apple being found guilty of infringing on an essentially worthless patent (c'mon, $152,000? That wouldn't even buy a house) was some sort of turning point, and now...
 Yes you can with Microsoft, but not with Apple because Apple is not in the same market as Google and Microsoft. Google and Microsoft compete in the handset market: phones upon which you can, in theory, install any operating system you like. Apple is in a market by itself: the iPhone market; the OS and the phone is a single entity that cannot be split.  The difference is subtle, but from a legal standpoint, it means Apple do what it likes because the iPhone and the...
Not so sure about this phablet thing.   If they were so popular (outside of fan forums) then why did Samsung have to mislead investors over their phablet sales.   And then there's the recent JD Power survey.   In the 'next phone must-have' round, big screens didn't even make the list. So how popular are they, really?   I think there's a big screen iPhone on the way, but 5.5"?  I don't see it myself.
New Posts  All Forums: