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Is there a way to extract iPhone text messages into a text file? Someone in my family, one of my grandsons, in fact, is in hot water over text messages he sent and received, and a file showing who texted what wuld be very useful to his family right now. Thanks!
Thanks for the link! I'm glad to see I can do this within OSX instead of having to use Windows.
I'm installing a new 200gb drive in my MacBook that presently has a Windows partition that I use with BootCamp. I'm running XP on the Windows side, and I'll need to keep on using XP with the new drive. Any recommendations for a clone program for Windows that works like Carbon Copy on the Mac?
Could anyone recommend a good program for capturing streaming video? I would like to save streaming news video from various sites, most of which use Windows Media, of course. I see a lot of screen capture apps out there, but I don't need to capture my whole screen, just the streaming news videos. Thanks in advance for any help!
Yes, they do show up now - before when you clicked on the whole season icon, the list said there were zero episodes, and if you clicked to buy the whole season instead, the shopping cart wouldn't pick anything up. I really just wanted to see the pilot episode - never saw it so I wanted to buy it. My iBook is an oollllddd 600 mhz g3, the video requirements for QT7.0.3 or whatever it was say g4. I do know that movie previews and things like that stutter badly on my iBook....
This morning I loaded the new iTunes 6 on my iBook, and looked at the tv shows offered. I saw that Lost Season 1 was available as single episodes, but I didn't download any episodes because my iBook doesn't have the horsepower to display them. So this afternoon I get home, put iTunes 6 on my G5 iMac, and go to the show download page to find that the shows are no longer available as singles. Whole season only for about $35. Anybody know what's going on with this?
Well, I've had my 17 inch 2.0 ghz running for two days now, and I can say that you do hear the fan in my verrry quiet family room. But, having the old 15 inch G4 iMac next to it for file transfer, the G4 was much louder. There is, however, a real difference in the sound. The G5 is more irritating than the G4 sound. It's higher pitched, and it varies constantly. That makes it much more noticeable that the G4 noise, which almost never changes - so you start to ignore...
w0000t!! MacMall order status page has the magic word: Shipped.
Soonas mine shows up I'll vote!
Mine's still on backorder at MacMall. I was wondering if we have any real-world experiences yet.
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