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 One man's trash is another man's treasure. Regardless of what you think about FCP X (it is really good in some ways, but overall it blows, in my opinion), the way Apple handled the rollout of this application was a complete slap in the face to those who depended on the software professionally. This is why Avid is so entrenched in the professional world. Continuity and stability matter too. Ubillos should have been fired right after FCP X was released, but that would have...
This is the biggest acquisition in Apple's history. Terrible. Just terrible. Still hoping that this makes more sense in its execution, in other words, that the way Apple leverages this acquisition makes sense of it. Time will only tell.     Apple needs to get back to being the Apple that made it the success that it is. Buying a company that (mostly) produces overpriced/subpar products is not the way. $89 Grados are exponentially better than anything sold by Beats....
 1. In what way are the Democrats lying? Well, for starters, it's true cost. Not exactly a lie, but they weren't exactly being honest about his either.2. Including plenty of Republicans:  I think that a  single Republican in the House voted for this. One. In any case, it wasn't "plenty of Republicans."
 1. The impoverished already had multiple safety nets. Was it perfect? No. Did something have to be done, yes. But ObamaCare is not it, imo.2. ObamaCare does more than simply provide a safety net for the impoverished, it affects practically everyone. People are losing their jobs or are having their hours reduced because of this.  3.  it will be a lot more expensive than Obama's projections (look at the C.B.O numbers) and will contribute to what could be the bankrupting of...
  Hoping this release means that Apple has resolved the IR issues the the (mostly) LG retina displays. I really need to replace my 2008 MBP, but have decided to wait until version 2 of the 15" rMBP because of the many issues with the screen that users have reported.
  Re-read (or read) the post you replied to. You know, the one where I included FCP 7 as one of the NLE's that is better than FCP X.  
  And that's what I meant in my original reply to Talles Skil. That's not the case, you say, FCP X doesn't even have usable audio editing yet, had hundreds of missing features when it was first introduced, and is still inferior to current third party NLE's. Yet Pros are supposed to wait for Apple to fix it rather than just using something else that already works better (FCP 7 included)? Delusional.   If Logic X follows the same path as Tallest Skil suggested then Logic X...
"This'll do for music production what Final Cut Pro X did for video..." Yeah, let's hope that it doesn't.
  Not really. IP law is very clear on the following point: anyone (Google) that enables third parties (Samsung) to infringe on another's IP (Apple's) is just as liable as the infringer. Apple's decision to sue Samsung and not Google is strictly a strategic one. 
Waiting for iPad 3, perhaps
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