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Google = the new Microsoft. The whole Android thing is "me-too" IMO.
I second that. Noah gets my vote.
Just read it. Incredible.
These are NOT Samsung's chips. These are chips designed/owned/created by Apple and manufactured by Samsung. Big difference. Apple, therefore, can have any other manufacturer make these chips for them, it's their choice.Correct me if I am wrong.
I see this the other way around. If Apple really cared about Pros they wouldn't have released this pos and EOL's FCP 7. No multi-cam editing. Really Apple? Really? You couldn't add these features before you released this pos? I think it is pretty obvious where Apple's allegiance lies, and it is not with the pro market. No use wrangling about this and start moving on instead. Trying both Premiere and Avid MC. Say what you will about Premiere 5.5, but it is a heck of a lot...
Not unless you run Premiere on, I don't know, a PC.
Let me assure you that this is exactly what is going to happen in the professional community. Think of all of the uncertainty that FCP X represents to professionals. Avid looks like a much better choice (feature wise and from a future roadmap point of view) than iMovie Pro/FCP X. We are already thinking about making the transition (to Avid MC). Why wait to see if Apple can or will fix this mess when there are already better solutions from companies that are unlikely to do...
I've heard all of the excuses/rationalizations for the p.o.s. that is FCP X (this would have been a good update to iMovie, btw), here are the top 2:1. This is just a 1.0 release: okay, but it is a pretty horrible one. If the app wasn't ready, then Apple should not have released it.2. You still have FCP 7: yeah, but the future of FC does not bode well if FCP X is any indication....etc., etc, etc....Excuses..excuses...I'm sure the others will be added to this thread as well,...
Second that. Plus, if such videos were out, AI and others would be talking about them rather than pics. Anxiously waiting for more details.
Too little, say hello to too late. Although this will still have 85% market share at some point. MS's Monopoly power isn't going away anytime.
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