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I have seen several pictures of the line and some of the people waiting appear to have toddlers with them. Anyone standing in line for a day (I refuse to think that someone would be idiotic enough to do this for week) with a baby in tow should be reported to DYFS. Back on topic: this is just idiotic. As others have mentioned, you will probably be able to get the phone on release day without standing in line. I also don't see (a) supplies running out or (b) there being...
Download this font and all will be well. I've used it.Works like a charm.
These kids wouldn't know unix if it hit them on the head. Also, I can lock the Preferences folders so that they cannot access the plist files. Can you offer a little help on where I can learn how to write a daemon app to block these Halo/Quake processes from running?They've found a way around parental controls by running the games directly from the disk images or the folders the files are in. I have the computers set so that only permitted programs can run and you need the...
and /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app[/QUOTE] I'll rm Diskimagemounter. I'm a little weary of deleting disk utility though, so I'll just block it through parental controls.The accounts are completely locked. They are dropping the files onto the desktop from flash drives and/or running the game directly from the disk image. Thanks for the help.
The students have been loading Quake and Halo on the computers in our labs. We erased all of these files from the server and locked their personal accounts to prevent this, however, the students then began loading the programs onto our public accounts (from flash drives, etc). I locked these accounts as best I could, but the students have countered everything that I have done. 1. Is there a way to stop an account from mounting .dmg files? 2. Can OS X be set to block...
Powerpoint is a much better improvement than Word is, IMO. I haven't had any major problems and the interface improvements make more sense.
My experience after using Word 2008 for about three weeks. If anyone can offer any solutions or suggestions, please do so: The good: Speed is much improved. The So-so: Stability is somewhat better than the 2004 version (which isn't saying much). The Ugly (and buggy): Is is no surprise that the gallery is been much maligned: it takes way too much space and obviously does nothing but take up space if it is not being used. Microsoft should have allowed the the gallery to...
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on that one. Drag and drop has been a pillar of the Mac OS usability, and having to synch the device manually was just plain retarded and contrary to the ease of use and functionality of Apple's own iPods in that regard. I don't want to have to re-sync the freaking phone every-time that I want to add a song or two. This is a move in the right direction by Apple. Apple 1, McDave 0
Why Apple did not include this functionality when the first iPhone was released is beyond comprehension. Add Cut and paste to that list.
Apple is already in this business (iTunes).Media distribution and streaming are not necessarily the same businesses. Akamai, for instance, is in the streaming business and handles the streaming of Apple's Quicktime content. This is not the type of business that Apple is interested in (streaming infrastructure), while it is already a leader in media distribution (online music). As as the Jay-Z record label launch with iTunes, this is definitely a possibility, though.
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