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I know what this reminds me of: http://twitpic.com/4k7835 I'll reserve final judgment until I actually use it, but I freaking hate iMovie 10's UI. Damn you Randy.
A lot of good technological updates, but I have to say that I'm not digging the iMovie 10-11 looking UI.http://twitter.com/fcpsupermeet
The good: 64 bit, Cocoa, Open CL, GCD The (tentative) not so good: looks suspiciously like iMovie 11. I hate iMovie (except for version 6, that is) http://twitpic.com/4k71a8 http://twitter.com/fcpsupermeet
To say that Kevin Smith overrated is an euphemism (his movies all suck). The Coen Brothers are two of the best filmmakers of this generation.Looking forward to: 64 bit, Grand Cental Station, OpenCL optimized FCS.
Wow. Can you provide a full link to this? Thanks
Complex joke. Don't flatter yourself, your comments attest to the fact that complexity is clearly beyond your capabilities. Since this is not a face to face conversation it is very difficult sometimes to glean any nuance from a person's comment simply by what they write, so your words have to be taken at face value unless you provide clues to let the reader know that your words should not be taken literally (smily face, etc. If I misconstrued what you said, you...
I don't disagree with any of the above, but if you are going to have a conversation discussing the reasons why the iPad 2 is in such short supply, then scalping has to be discussed as one of the many reasons for this.
Right. So let's ignore reality in order to conform to your politically correctness. And round-eyes? Very hypocritical of of you to use such an epithet for someone ostensibly complaining about potentially discriminatory practices. 1. It is not only Asians that are scalping, but there the scalping is going on, it is primarily being done by Asians. See this video. I pretty much saw the same thing at a store in NJ. 2. Apple does not have to enact any policy singling out any...
I'm not saying Asians/Chinese are the only ones scalping, but see this video. Perhaps Apple should limit 1 per customer and require in store activation or come up with better solutions to this if they can.
Well, the rampant scalping that is going on is not helping and Apple should try to do something about it so that people that want to purchase an iPad for personal use can do so.I tried to purchase an iPad at an Apple store and there were a large group of Asians (they were there together) buying iPads. This has been going on in NYC and has been well documented.See here and here. Not to single out Asians as the only group doing this, but that is what I and others have...
New Posts  All Forums: