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Well, from the early 90's until a year or so after Jobs return everyone had pretty much pronounced Apple as being dead. There were daily news stories pronouncing Apple's imminent death. And yet, here we are..... Never mind that some analysts view Apple as being undervalued.You're in the wrong decade. Let's not start this again.
Grand Central Dispatch (multithreaded Compressor alone would save tons of time, same for Color rendering).OpenCL64 bitsNice and about time.
As others mentioned above, I thought the same thing. Not good to end a sentence with a preposition (of). I learned that in the 4th grade. Looking forward to finally getting an iPad.
Any chance that this relates to the iPad 2 and not updated Macbooks? Just hoping..
I don't know how much longer I can wait for the iPad2. I'm going to have to buy an Android tablet if it doesn't come out soon.....NOT!
Hope it has Lighpeak (read article).
Yes, but how long before China has the same per capita income as the U.S.?US: GDP/307million.China: GDP/1.3 billion. And then there's the whole communism vs. democracy thing....100% in agreement with the above.My apologies for going off on a tangent.Waiting anxiously for the new iPad.
I didn't buy the first gen iPad (waiting for this one) so the most important question for me is "when?" Tired of waiting.
Can't access iPhone section of apple store (as of 10 pm Eastern time). It has been like this most of the day.
Yeah, but it seems like FCS is standing still while others are making significant progress (Premiere and new version of Avid). That was a nice update with some useful features but little improvements in terms of stability and speed enhancements. Compressor 3.5 , as useful as it is, is slow and buggy, for example.I certainly hope so, but Apple has given absolutely no (or little) information to corroborate your road map.Not that simple. (1) I'm tired of waiting. (2) Our...
New Posts  All Forums: