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This is ugly, but the screen resolution beats the ALbook's
I'm sure everyone is familiar with the most common ebay scams (http://www.flipshark.com/scams/ebayindex.html) and I think that Ebay has not done enough to thwart these kind of scams. Example, I was looking at a dual G5 and I asked the seller if I could arrange to pick up the systme if I won the bid since the seller location was near me. The seller gets back to me and says "Oh, I'm actually based in Portugal and I only take Western Union payments". Yeah, and I was born...
But when will IBM move to -200million nanometers? I absolutely won't buy a mac until IBM designs a chip that breaks all laws of quantum physics
Well, actually I've been a Mac fan since 1995 and I've been using them at school since 1999. I've just been waiting (Pink, Copland, Rhapsody) for the G5 and for OS X to mature. Thank you all for all of your help.
I will be getting my first Mac in September (dual G5/23" ACD) and I have some questions about setting up a DAW. Although I've been using FCP since version 1 I am a complete novice in the area of music production. So, can anyone offer any advice/answer these questions. 1) What software (sequencer/synths...) should I use? I want to avoid using harware (too expensive) and focus exclusively on software. 2) Does anyone know of a good informational source (book/online) for...
Two pieces of advice: 1) If you can, try to avoid buying old hardware if you can. The newer models general run OS X better (G4 are far better than G3s in this regard). 2) Instead of applying for the Apple loan (9-19% APR) go to CompUSA and apply for their credit card. They have an 18 month same as cash deal for all Mac systems over $999. That way, you can get a new Mac, make monthly payments and avoid paying interest. If you absolutely must buy old hardware, try Ebay....
Thank you for the suggestions.
Does anyone know how to make a photograph look like (overexposed but deeply saturated colors) the promotional posters for the movie The Hours? http://www.thehoursmovie.com/get_flash.html I'm using photoshop 7. Thanks. (sorry if this is the wrong forum- I didn't post this in Software because I need a photoshop genius
I've said it before and I'll say it again: G3: dead G4: consumer line G4e/Apollo: initially professional line, then replaced by, G5: don't know if this will happen by MWNY, but it will definitely happen in 2002. http://www.osopinion.com/perl/story/15852.html
Check these out: http://www.subvertise.org/details.php?code=349 http://www.subvertise.org/details.php?code=348 Oh man, this one is killer So true. http://www.subvertise.org/details.php?code=268 The G3's days are numbered. G5 for the high...
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