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Pentium killer, no problem. Avid killer, Avid kills all aps for OS X in year... Dito for Protools... AE killer, Adobe kills AE, joining a number of apps that they've discontinued for OS X... I'm no sure that Apple killing these apps for OS X is a good thing. Sure, competition is a good thing, but with the advantages that Apple has over all third party software makers obviates competition. Faced with this, companies have chosen not to even bother competing (citing low...
This is ugly, but the screen resolution beats the ALbook's
I'm sure everyone is familiar with the most common ebay scams (http://www.flipshark.com/scams/ebayindex.html) and I think that Ebay has not done enough to thwart these kind of scams. Example, I was looking at a dual G5 and I asked the seller if I could arrange to pick up the systme if I won the bid since the seller location was near me. The seller gets back to me and says "Oh, I'm actually based in Portugal and I only take Western Union payments". Yeah, and I was born...
But when will IBM move to -200million nanometers? I absolutely won't buy a mac until IBM designs a chip that breaks all laws of quantum physics
Well, actually I've been a Mac fan since 1995 and I've been using them at school since 1999. I've just been waiting (Pink, Copland, Rhapsody) for the G5 and for OS X to mature. Thank you all for all of your help.
I will be getting my first Mac in September (dual G5/23" ACD) and I have some questions about setting up a DAW. Although I've been using FCP since version 1 I am a complete novice in the area of music production. So, can anyone offer any advice/answer these questions. 1) What software (sequencer/synths...) should I use? I want to avoid using harware (too expensive) and focus exclusively on software. 2) Does anyone know of a good informational source (book/online) for...
Two pieces of advice: 1) If you can, try to avoid buying old hardware if you can. The newer models general run OS X better (G4 are far better than G3s in this regard). 2) Instead of applying for the Apple loan (9-19% APR) go to CompUSA and apply for their credit card. They have an 18 month same as cash deal for all Mac systems over $999. That way, you can get a new Mac, make monthly payments and avoid paying interest. If you absolutely must buy old hardware, try Ebay....
Thank you for the suggestions.
Does anyone know how to make a photograph look like (overexposed but deeply saturated colors) the promotional posters for the movie The Hours? http://www.thehoursmovie.com/get_flash.html I'm using photoshop 7. Thanks. (sorry if this is the wrong forum- I didn't post this in Software because I need a photoshop genius
I've said it before and I'll say it again: G3: dead G4: consumer line G4e/Apollo: initially professional line, then replaced by, G5: don't know if this will happen by MWNY, but it will definitely happen in 2002. http://www.osopinion.com/perl/story/15852.html
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