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No new version of Final Cut Studio, no Grand Central Dispatch optimized FCP, Compressor, Color, etc.... Sad.
First quarter 2011. Can't wait to get my hands on this.
Could not agree with you more. Has Apple fully ported FCS to Cocoa? Has it made it 64 bit or optimized it for Grand Central Dispatch? Is Apple eating its own dog food when it comes to using its own OS technologies to improve FCS? No, it isn't. So what does that say about its priorities vis a vis FCS? You don't need a rumor to see where Apple's priorities are, and they sure as hell aren't of FCS. This might change (if when Apple releases the alleged "awesome" update that is...
Any idea if the new version of iMovie continues the trend of putting back all of the functionality that was in iMovie 6? Every version of iMovie after version 6 has been an abomination, imo.
Exactly. Next, they'll say that they were actually developing this service a year before iTunes came out. Apple=Still the old Apple (limited marketshare due to tight hardware/software control). Google =The new Microsoft (copy everything Apple does).
I second that. We've been waiting for an updated Mac Pro for about a half a year now. This thing hasn't received a major update in 474 days. I know all of the iCrap is paying the bills now Apple, but please don't forget your professional users.
Please let this be true. Need a new Mac Pro at work and we've been waiting a long time for this. Also looking forward to the day that apple grand centrals all of its pro apps.
Phones and tablets are completely two different categories of devices. An iPod touch is better than this thing. And any $200 netbook with OS X on it obliterates this thing. Looks like Apple has hit the sweet spot [/sarcasm] If this iPad is supposed to be a tablet, then that is the real comedy. You can only run one app at a time. Are you kidding me? Form over function. Form over function. Form over function......
True. But who says Apple is the only game in town? I can participate, just not with the iPad. As bad as the reputation of tablets have been up to this point (not ready for prime time, not done right, etc), there are windows based tablets that put this iPad to shame (functionality wise). I say that and I absolutely hate windows. But I would certainly choose a Windows 7 based tablet over this any day. No comparison.
4 to 8 million suckers. I honestly can't see why anyone would buy this. Is Apple on the verge of jumping the Shark? This is it? An over-hyped, under-featured (for a tablet, if that is what this is), enlarged iPhone. This iPad iSucks.1. no multitasking.2. no camera/video chat.3. Can you write on it? Does it have voice/handwriting recognition? Any new/better input method?4. Can't run any real apps on it (if the iPhone OS is the future, count me out Apple. I'll stick with the...
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