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I second that. There's nothing like sending a long HD project to Compressor and having to wait 20 hours to two days for all of the rendering to be done. Same with Color.
This is exactly the point. Apple should be one of the first developers to use their own technologies instead of telling developers "do as I say not as I do." Apple's Pro apps would benefit greatly just from GCD optimization, now imagine if they were also 64-bit and/or optimized for OpenCL? I am looking forward to the day when these apps can take full advantage of these multi-core processors. Maybe next year.
This begs the following question: when will Apple (and others) re-write their software to take full advantage of these multi-core processors? I've had Compressor encoding jobs last over 2 days (really long HD projects, different output formats). Same with Color rendering.When will we see the following take advantage of OpenCL, GCD, and become 64-bit?Final Cut ProColorDVD Studio ProCompressorPhotoshopetc etc.....We are waiting for this updated MacPro and hoping that Apple...
New iMac to get Core i5 Dell laptop monstrosity with i7 chip
You have a valid/good point. I acknowledge that. But that is still my opinion nonetheless.
People of all political stripes do this. If you think Republicans are the only ones than you're clearly deluding yourself. Taken straight out of Obama's speech last week. How original (give credit for this where credit is do). The question is not whether the government performs certain services (it has to, that is the function of government), but whether the government compels people to use these services. Is the government forcing me to use the post office, serve in the...
No. Not really.
Riiiiiiight. It really is that simple. Belittle whomever you disagree with. There are legitimate arguments on both sides of this debate, pro & con. That does not mean that one side is stupid and the other is rational (based solely on your ideological predilections). I don't agree with all of the healthcare reform proposals that are being suggested by Congress and the President, but there are things that I do agree with. It is not all black and white.
Way to jump to conclusions. What makes you think that I was/was not opposed to the government bailouts (I made no mention of this)? I was against it (for similar reasons). But at least there is a better chance that government will get its money back from the TARP bailouts.
Thank you souliisoul. Personal attacks are unnecessary and are a poor substitute for well reasoned/cogent arguments. That was part of my original point. Just because a healthcare system in another country supposedly works that does not necessarily mean that this system would work in the US. Techstud: You asked me what I thought of people that believed in this.Three points:1. Anyone who seriously views President Obama in that way is clearly ignorant, IMO (see my comments...
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