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I don't think AI is bringing politics into the discussion, but our comments are.Why? Being able to debate the pros and cons of any issue is a good thing.
You're welcome, BUTJust because healthcare system X works in country A does not necessarily mean that system X will work in an entirely different country (B). Healthcare might be great in socialist countries, but if that is the price to pay for universal healthcare than I say no thanks.The US already spends around 15% of GDP on healthcare. In my opinion, in the US the term government efficiency is an oxymoron (this article is a perfect example of that). Expect the...
The computers are in an open area and I turn them off before I leave everyday. The problem is that kids often turn the computers on after I leave. The energy saver shutdown option does not work because more often than not people leave open applications/documents which cause prompts that stop the shut down. If this happens on a Friday the computers are on all weekend and the same happens over vacations.This looks like a better solution. I also had a cron to open a file...
This is where you're getting into trouble Psystar 'tards. You "license" hundreds of copies. Those licenses in do not give you the right to do whatever you like with the software but are wholly determined by the license terms set by Apple.
Got it. 30 16 * * * /sbin/shutdown -h now
I tried making a crontab as root to have all of the computers in our labs shutdown at 4:30 everyday. I first tried doing this through the command line as root, but the shutdown -h now command is not being executed for some reason. I tried doing this with Cronix with the same result. I did an osascript cron (tell application system events shutdown) and that works, but the problem is that the computer provides a prompt if there is any open application or unsaved...
Seriously. Microsoft simply has no shame. Apple=Microsoft's R&D department.
Do you actually use Color? If all you have seen are demonstrations then I don't think you have any legitimate basis for your comments. Your comparison of Color's UI to X11 is not accurate. Color's UI is the way it is because it is a coloring app. Extraneous UI colors would be distracting. Color is not crap just because you don't use it.
Hyperbole.Agreed.I guess you've never used Color. If you have and still think its crap, cool, if you haven't take my word, it is not crap.
The burning can be done in FCP 7, but I doubt that this would include all of the functionality of dvd authoring that is available through DVDSP . Does it? If not, then the ability to burn Blue ray DVDs should have been added to DVDSPThank G-d. This will be a great improvement to my workflow. Hopefully the added support will not cause Color to render the entire footage that the the angles are based on but just the sections that are actually used in the sequence (keeping...
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