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Hyperbole.Agreed.I guess you've never used Color. If you have and still think its crap, cool, if you haven't take my word, it is not crap.
The burning can be done in FCP 7, but I doubt that this would include all of the functionality of dvd authoring that is available through DVDSP . Does it? If not, then the ability to burn Blue ray DVDs should have been added to DVDSPThank G-d. This will be a great improvement to my workflow. Hopefully the added support will not cause Color to render the entire footage that the the angles are based on but just the sections that are actually used in the sequence (keeping...
Wow Apple. DVDSP 4? And what the hell ever happened to the successor to Shake? Does the new version of Color support multi-cam sequences?
1. HTML5's
Psystar is, by all accounts, broke, so Apple's motive in getting the stay lifted is not about a desire to get monetary damages. A win in this case will establish a precedent which will be more valuable (as a potential deterrent to others ) then any damage award at this point.BTW, there are a lot of these fake Macs on Ebay.
Thanks for the reply. Doing the research for this has been an enlightening experience. Several things that I've learned so far (early stages of testing). 1. The QuickTime Plug-in does not support full-screen playback, which we need. The workarounds for this are cumbersome, and frankly, Apple should have added a full-screen parameter a long time ago. 2. I'm experimenting with the HTML5
Background info on the following questions (first thread, received no answers): http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=95730 I got a copy of Leopard Server in order to test quicktime streaming server (QTSS). Does anyone have any experience with QTSS that can offer any input on the following? The Leopard server manuals are so general that they are useless for a noob like myself. I've searched for books dealing specifically with Leopard video streaming to no...
I am going to assume that you meant "that they did not have a license from Apple to do what they did".If not, then the part where the EULA specifically limits installation of the OS to Apple branded hardware which Apple has all the rights to do (since it is their property). If Apple had granted Psystar a license to do what they did then there wouldn't have been a lawsuit (and it would not have gotten past a summary judgment motion if that had been the case).
I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that Psystar is/was a limited liability corporation, in which case the answer would most likely be no.
1. Yes, but in-house counsel rarely deal with these types of cases in-house. This lawsuit is being handled by Townsend and Townsend (an outside law firm), not by Apple's corporate lawyers.http://www.townsend.com/ Townsend & Townsend is not cheap. 2. Even if this case was being handled by Apple's in-house attorneys, do you think that these lawyers work for free?
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