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Amazon is all about big data and little data (they can tell you whether an item is on the shelf in their warehouse or in a box ready to ship) YET has NEVER, NEVER announced ANY Kindle sales numbers. NOT ONCE in the 10 years the thing has been around.
Of course if you're a hater, you might as well get in your knocks first. It's not like Tim cook sis we will never break out a-watch sales forever. It will start out life that way - if sales merit, then maybe as early as Q2, they will start breaking sales but Tim is perfectly honest in saying exactly what's what - basically when we are ready to, we will.
so what happens if you can't upgrade to PHOTOS in OSX Yosemite?
You're absolutely right plus the bottom line is their ads seem to think consumers are morons and somehow we are all been duped - when people happily look and use their apple products, they know it's not flawed in any major way. Like that Cortana ad that says to remind the user to tell his wife happy anniversary - does Cortana speak loudly when you're talking to her? How does she feel about that? Or if you're at a forist to buy flowers for her. As someone who only has one...
The iphone 4 which is available in some countries is $299 USD. Lumia/Nokia sells a $25 phone in India. Plus it's time for IDC to recognize Google Android and Forked Android as it's a different OS.
Samsung falls for the 2nd oldest ad agency plan - "Apple's ONLY selling more because of marketing so you need to spend a giant boatload of money!" Samsung bought that hook, line & sinker. So, of course, they shout out a lot of reasons that samsung phones are "better." But ultimately, they are not much of a selling point because consumers are not stupid. This might have been a selling point 7 years when smartphones/iphones were first out and people were weighing about...
Actual usage is more important than PR announced "activations" or third party guesses on shipments? How could that be? It's much more important that millions of shipped boxes are sitting in back rooms, isn't it? Isn't it? By that measure, Android is WAY AHEAD! Sounds like a Samsung ad - each store has tens of thousands of our devices in the back rooms! Apple - only a few hundred.
This happens with every release - Apple drops different "rumors" to different employees to track who leaks what ... and of course, Apple gets to push other news off the page - it's a win, win and no severance pay. :-)
Until recently, it was hard to buy macs in China not just distribution but because they really didn't understand why anyone would pay 5-10 times the price for a personal computer AND it didn't run WINDOWS out of the box (in Chinese, of course). But just like the switchover in the US in the 90's when PC users would/could not believe there was a better experience, once they started to see others using it and of course, as income rose and of course, the world class look &...
There are two takeaways - a) basically they repeated everything Apple is doing by saying, We're offering it too! But ulimately it's like a Linux Developer's Conference or a TED talk - you it's all just a suggestion because Google doesn't even control the large majority of where Android is headed - Samsung, Amazon, Xiaomi and MS/Nokia all shoot off in their own direction so b) the only people really on board is Google's own phone group - Nexus and as far as we can tell,...
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