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Is it possible on a Mac Pro that runs Leopard or Leopard Snow to have a hardware raid setting? I mean apart from the raid that one creates with disk utility. A raid that is totally distinct from the OS, like the one configured from bios on other platforms. Thank you
Does someone know of a good firewall application that can run on Tiger? A free one would really be useful. Thank you
Does someone know how can I set yahoo messenger to be inaccessible for a user on a Mac running Tiger, or Leopard? The issue is at my workplace where I don't want people to be able to use yahoo messenger application. The problem is like this: if I uninstall it from a user with admin privileges than the normal user can download it and mount the application and execute it. He doesn't need to drag it to the applications folder to use it. Does someone know how can I stop...
So, I guess I can add something like this, I am reffering to the VSA4GBKITFB800D2 type (the 4Gb at the bottom of the list). The thing is that even this memory has a better price. The upgrade to 4 Gb on the apple website costs 500$ and if I buy this its 375$ and I get 6 GB of RAM. I guess it will work fine, what do you guys say?
I want to add some ram memory to a Mac Pro at my workplace. The Mac Pro came with 2 GB 800 MHZ. Do you think I can add this type of RAM to it? This is not ECC memory. Also, I have red that in order for the Mac Pro to work properly needs to have all the ram sticks of the same quantity (1 Gb for example). Is this mandatory? Could I have 2 sticks of 2 GBs each and 2 of 1 GB each?
I have an HP scanner 3530 C on a G4 Power Mac (Panther OS) that gets my Mac to stuck. The scanner works ones, than I have to reset the application or to reset him or to restart the Mac. Recently my Mac displayed that the apllication (Image Zone) of the scanner is corrupted and need reinstalled. I don't know what to do next to fix this for my scanner to work properly. I runed disk utility's permissions repair and this doesn't work either. What do you guys say? Do you use...
I have 2 G4 Power Station Macs ar my office and it seems that they have some big issues. Usually the applications that are running on these 2 are Office documents, pdfs and some browsing uploading stuff. This is not so requiring I think. Anyway the problem is that they get stuck very very often. About 5 times a day. I have tried to run disk utility and stuff, but still they stop. I have placed 1750 MB of RAM memory in each. What can I do?
I have on a LAN disk many Office documents. These documents are accessed by everyone in the LAN (about 20 Macs). My question is how can I have a log file or something from which I can find out for each document when it was accessed the last time, what were the modifications and what every user modified in it since its creation? The LAN disk is actually a Mac Mini, maybe I can install some application on it. Also I would like if possible (not mandatory) the log file...
I have an iMac G5 (the one with Panther) and I want to open it to insert some more RAM. How can I open a iMac case? 10x
I need to split some mp3s of my trance music. What applications do you guys recommend me for mp3 splitting? Some free applications would be nice. thank you
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