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Problem solved. So, what do you think?
It is not my firm man. I work at a firm and I want to know if I'm monitored in some way. Ok, guys I have another question, do you recognise from the pictures attached some application of this kind in my activity monitor? the user "teo" is me. If the images are not displayed (again) click here and here
ok, sorry.
I have Entourage, and in my opinion it is better than the apple mail. I also think that Entourage is the only item from the Microsoft Office package (for Mac) that works really good.
Guys can someone tell me where can I download from this Picasa 2 or Picasa for Mac OS X? On the Google site only the PC version is available, and it sais that the Mac one isn't available yet. 10q
Hello everyone, I am new on this forum. I want to ask if there is any application(for network) for Mac through wich a firm can monitor at any time what is displayed and processed in her's employees computers? Or what was displayed, accesed and processed in people's computers? Also how can someone(the employee) figure if his Mac activity is monitored from outside with a feature of this kind? Thank you
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