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I have an iMac and I set it to automaticaly start on an account. I want when the computer boots to be able to switch on another account. How can I do this? If I press "alt" when it starts the options I have are "root", "boot volume" and the normal user. The thing is that I have this computer at my workplace. I have one normal account and I want to keep my real account "FileVault" secured and also out of sight, that is why I want for the iMac to automatically start on the...
And the error report from "More Information"
I have received an email. I use Entourage. When I try to click on that email, only to click on it, imeadiately the Entourage crushes. It does this every time when I try to open that email. It works perfectly fine with the rest of the emails and functions of the Entourage application. I can't extract it because I have to click on it, and if I do that it crushes. What can I do. That email is from a reliable source and it is important. Help Can I access that email from the...
For Tiger as well.
This sounds very weird. Before you moved them to trash, what was the location of those files? On windows files like this are usually viruses or adware stuff, but OSX doesn't have viruses and stuff like this. They could be some system files. Usually on OSX the most common hidden files are the system ones.
This looks great. Too bad it is only for Tiger.
Problem solved, I restarted the Powerbook. Numpad was on, though I don't know why the other part of the keypad was inserting different letter signs. Well, no matter, it works now.
I have a big problem with an 15" Powerbook with Panther OS. The problem is that it doesn't recognise the admin password for some applications and updates. For example days ago I was trying to install the new update for iTunes and it started the installation except that when almost done prompt me to enter my password. I entered the password and after that prompted me with a message saying something like: "you don't have enough permissions to.....". I know the...
I have a collegue at the office who has a 15" Powerbook with Tiger OS. Today he said that he mistankely pressed some keyboard combination and all of the sudden when he is typing the keyboard other letters and numbers appear. It looks like somekind of a code. How can he fix this to use his keyboard back? PS: The keyboard that I am talking about is actually the keypad of the Powerbook, I've connected a real keyboard from another Mac and letters and numbers typed are ok,...
Is there a option for OSX 10.3.9 through which I could set that every time I download something on the desktop that file to be automaticaly placed in my bottom left side of my screen instead of upper right side? I tried to get use to this for some time now, but this thing is really starting to bother me.
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