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I did everything you said and still doesn't work. I created a secondary admin account and the pssword isn't recognised for that also. The password is recognised in all the other processes and applications in which is required.
No, it is not a pkg file. It is a simple dmg disk image. Here u can find the printer model. The thing that worries me is this password error that I don't understand. I know the password for sure (and the password is recognised in the other applications), there are no other admin users (or any users at all) on the powerbook and the Powerbook doesn't have set a master password.
I see. I did this. What if I try to copy some DVDs? By copying I don't mean to multiply stuff illegaly. I have 2 DVDs with the wedding of a friend of mine, and she asked me to make her some copies of the DVDs. How can I do this? I mean what type of image I craete with disk utility? Do I do the cd/DVD master not encrypted and I burn it or I do it in some other manner?
I have a 15" Powerbook at the office with Panther OS. I have a problem with it. As I stated in "Add a printer" thread I am trying to install a printer. The problem is that when I execute the application inside the dmg for the printer it asks for the user password. When I enter the password it says that the password is incorrect. The password is the correct one, I know for sure, there are no other users on the Powerbook and there is not set a Master password. I have...
I need an application to emulate my DVD images. Something like Daemon Tools or Alchohol 120% for Windows. Could you guys recommend some? 10x
Graphic Converter, the best freeware application I've ever seen.
I see, the thing is that only on this 15" Powerbook that my boss uses this printer is listed, on all the other Panther OSX Macs in the office this printer is listed. I don't know how I could add it to that list.Thank you for taking the time to search for this drivers. Unfortunately I already know about them, but I was hoping first to add the printer on IP protocol and install the drivers from this website afterwards.Yes, I think you are right.
I am trying to add a printer on Powerbook G4 with Panther. I don't succeed because I don't have the printer model in the list for available printers. The printer is HP Laser Jet 2420. How can I add this printer in the list? ALso could someone tell me what is the correct protocol for the IP printing type: is it "Socket/HP Jet Direct" or "Internet Printing Protocol" or "LPD/LPR"? The printer is plugged directly in our office switch and has an IP wich I know and it is...
I have a problem with my iMac G5 (Panther OS). Couple of months ago I've installed a program to modify my OS's look. Everything worked fine until I've decided to uninstall the program (the application is Shapeshifter). After I've uninstalled that application, at first by dragging its application icon in the garbage and afterwards I used a program (I don't recall the name) to uninstall it again. The thing is that I have managed to uninstall the Shapeshifter application,...
I need a software tool for Mac 10.3.9 that creates disk images form DVD's. Something like Alchohol 120% for Windows.
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