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Wow, thank you very much. I have a question, how do I select the accounts that should have access to the server via SMB, I mean where from?
If I recall right Disk Warrior does this also.Mr. Me what you state here is very interesting for me. I personally agree, but could you post a link to the apple website or to an apple source where it states these things? because the guy who comes at our firm to repair some old Macs runs defragment with Disk Warrior. Also, I want to ask you what do you mean by "users of files larger than 20MB"? Do you refer to the home folder or to what folder exactly?
I have a problem with an Powerbook G4 that won't connect to a remote server (the server is the Mac Mini that I've mentioned 2 weekes ago and it works GREAT even if it handles only 10 users at a time) The thing is that it seems to be only this computer's problem because all the other Panther powerred G5 iMacs and G4 Powerbooks connect having no difficulties. The actual error is that when I connect to the Mini Mac server, it is able to see the server, but when I enter...
) Nice one chucker krnk123 u can also change your NOT SYSTEM icons just by pasting your desired image on to the folder icon in the "get info" dialog (this goes for applications too).
I know, but I was hopping for some kind of super setting from u guys . When cruising today on the apple website to see the new Mac Pro I noticed that an ugrade to OS X Unlimited Server costs 400 $ extra. For me 400$ extra means a top of the line LAN disk drive. I was hoping to do something wih the Mac Mini, which if it wasn't an entirely free resource it was no problem, but I am not going to spend 400 $ for 4 users more connected to my Mini Mac.
I did this and guess what? my boot sequence is messed up. When I starrt my iMac it shows a globe icon clipping in the middle of the screen for about 5 minutes, after this an folder icon (with a finder mini icon on that folder) clipping for another 5 minutes and only after this my iMac starts. I don't know what to do.
Ok, 10x, I will keep that in mind
I copied the application from another Mac with Tiger. Thank you.
I have a Mac with Tiger set up in my conference room and some smart dude deleted the System Preferences shortcut from the desktop. Now when I go to the "apple" up in the bar and I click System Preferences it doesn't start the System Preferences pane anymore. What can I do? Are there some files that I can import from another Mac with Tiger in order to have the System Preferences back? 10x
I have suceeded to install a Mini Mac as a LAN disk drive. It works GREAT, but I have a big problem: IT DOESN"T ALLOW MORE THAN 10 LOGINS on the account at the same time. How can I change this to allow more than 10 users? The thing is that I need 14. Thank you guys, and I hope I you can help me with this too because the Mini Mac works great, much better than the previous "Linksys" LAN disk drive that we had.
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