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Ok, the reason for what I am asking is to use the Mac Mini @ my office as LAN disk drive. The hidden stuff would be some files that not all the employees should see obviusly. The thing is that I can't hide those folders ( I don't need them to be hidden for security, like I said I nedd them to be hidden because they bother my eyes). It seems theat with no software am not able to hide the system folders (Desktop and Library), because this actually this programs change the...
I don't think u missed something, but I now about this libraries. However the boot sequence on my iMac is still the one of the ShapeShifter.
Yes it is the easiest and the best, but it has a huge shortcoming, IT CAN BE DELETED WITH NO PASSWORD REQUIRED. This goes for both "sparse disk image" and "read/write disk image" (though I don't understand what is the thing that differs between them). Any solution to prevent deleting this disk images? or any solution for my first post? 10x
Is there anyway to make the user folders on a Mac to be invisible? I mean to be invisible just for the users not for the system, somekind like the hidden folders. I want to be able to open them with Finder's "Go to folder". I ask this not for some kind of securing those folders, but because I connect remotely to that Mac and I want to use just 1 folder from the user and the rest (Desktop, Documents, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, Public, Sites) just bother my eyes. If...
What do I use to create an invisibile password partition on a Macintosh HD (Mac Mini)?
I want to buy a external disk for my LAN (only Macs on this LAN, about 12) and I choosed this. Please, those of you who know well about Mac drive compatibility tell me if my choice is realiable and compatible! Also could you tell me how I can manage partitions over LAN? is there an application for this? 10q
There is a readme, but I couldn't find any "Uninstall" instructions.
There are the usual applications like the ones u gest drag in the application folder. These ones are easily uninstalled by dragging them in the trash. However there are some other applications like ShapeShifter wich I can't uninstall, I have deleted all the library files I could find and still my iMac takes 10 minutes to start. I haven't applied any theme I just installed the program. How can I completely uninstall it? On Windows there is the "Add or Remove...
I have a Mac mini at the office and I want to make it a disk drive for everybody to access (everybody meaning about 12 Macs with both Panther and Tiger operating systems). So I have connected the mini Mac to the LAN and I have set all it's sharing files types on and apple talk on as well (on automatic setting), but I can't directly access the files from him (by files I mean different Office files, or images). I think I kinda lost myself trying to configure this. The main...
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