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I hate to double post but I want to state that I've tried this on a Mac with Tiger and the "device" is still busy. Could this be bug of both Panther and Tiger?
Ok I have done this, but does this mean that the applications related to them are uninstalled?
I have some system application that I've downloaded from the web like "Window Shade X" or "High Priority". Can someone tell me please how do I completely remove those from my system because if I try to drag them to the trash it doesn't allow me. 10x
Yes I tried that, and it doesn't allow me, though I have an older disk image on wich I keep my safe stuff wich works very well. The thing is that I've tried to create such a disk image on a new external firewire drive (Seagate with 300 GB storage ). When I try to create a disk image it says either that the device is busy either that the disk is to big. What do you guys recommend? Or maybe you could tell me how can I put a safe password on a partition? This is what I am...
Yes it looks good, thanx.Ok, I understand. The thing is that I don't want to update to Tiger, for the moment at least, but I want to ask you if those "nasty surprizes" can appear even if I don't update? I don't want to mess up my OS.
On Windows there is an application called "Style XP" or "Vista inspired package" that allows us to customize the OS's look. Is there something for Mac that does this? I would like something to change the color of my Safari window for example, or to make it transparent. What do you guys recommend? 10q
I try to create a disk image with disk utility on an iMac G5 with OSX 10.3.9 and it gives an error in wich it states that "Device is busy". I can't create disk images anymore because of this. What can I do?
Is there anyway I can use a external disk to automaticcaly backup my data from my Mac's Macintosh hard disk? I mean that on Windows there are dynamic partitions wich put 2 hard drives in mirror mode and are used either to improve the reading speed of the disks or as backup. I am interested in the backup part. I want to connect an external disk to some of my Mac's at the office and I need those Mac's to automaticcaly create backup of some of their files on that...
Akheron 10x alot man this was exaclty what I was looking for. To display the comments note when I open the window.
How can I see all my subscribed threads?
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