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The SMS texting's interface is very much like iChat. It's one sexy phone. I thoroughly enjoyed the Stevenote. Mmmhmm.
I am a woman, and I would too! But.. I doubt Mrs. Jobs would like that very much.
Let's not hate.. let's celebrate! Par-ty!!
It sure would be fabulous if the interface of the iPhone foretells the sexiness of Leopard.
Thanks a bunch! *goes to make popcorn*
Dear Steve, I sincerely wish you all the best this year. I know you won't disappoint us.. .. well, you've never disappointed me. Keep kicking ass, sweetie. Your Biggest Supporter, Ruthie *Let me have my fun, boys.*
I hope all you Mac boys are having a great Christmas... or Mac-Mas if you will.
My bad.. double post.
Okay, charter schools are doing better why? Because the kids in them are the "priviledged" ones.. you know, the upper class? They have more access to educational resources, which is unfair the last time I checked. Oh, by the way, if everyone were to be transferred to a private school, it wouldn't be private anymore, now would it? Excuse me, but I don't believe in having an educational hierarchy. I believe in giving every child, regardless of class or status, an equally...
Spoken like a true member of the "Me" Generation. There's a problem with that voucher and privatization crap.. the majority of people who use it are the fucking rich. I lived in Northwest Florida, and I've seen this first hand; the upper class kids would get to go to a Preporatory or private school or get a voucher. Who's left to fend for themselves in the neglected public schools? The lower class and minority kids. Let's not just pay our taxes and fix the problem, no.....
New Posts  All Forums: