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THIS IS NOT THE INSTALL DISC> IT IS A BOOT DISC (tiger is installed on the the DVD-ROM, just in case I install anything weird and it screws up my entire system, I can locate the file that made it weird and erase it without re-installing my entire system)
Requesting tech support for pirated software is not permitted. Permaban is armed if you make another post about this. -JL
he has got to get that monkey out of his ass!
We should have a marketplace fourm. Some people are looking to sell or trade their macs and want to avoid eBay fee's. Any thoughts?
no, i'm not. Install Podzilla (iPod linux) on it and you can record with the left ear bud. I have used it, its not the best quailty but hey, it works!
ummm, the left earbud does work as a mic.
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