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I feel like they should have some stop loss limit - like, if more than $100 in in app purchases happen in X time, you get an email with a link to approve the transaction. I guess this probably doesn't happen too often, but still it feels like something easy enough to implement.
Call me crazy, but I would love a convertible iPad/MacBook Air.
I don't think it's that mysterious. I think that they under executed on it, and it cost them. I think that there are two ways that they could have done it, and still competed with Apple. 1. Low end. Same model, launch at $349 or and include the Type or Touch cover for $50 more. The Type Cover especially is nice - really great keyboard. At $399 - $100 less than the bottom rung iPad - I think it would be reasonably compelling as a get work done machine. 2. Higher end. Same...
This looks really neat. I wonder how the public is going to respond, in light of the NSA ordeal - normally I'd be totally gung-ho about this sort of thing, but I admit it does make me a bit uncomfortable (although I'm sure they could turn on your phone's microphone anyway if they really wanted). As far as I understand, it uses special hardware to reduce battery drain. I could really see myself using this - not in public, but I keep my phone on my desk a lot. If it works as...
The thing I don't get about this one is the screen. Hardware's really nice - it's distinct and doesn't feel like another iPad knock off, and the type cover is also really nice - better than any iPad keyboard I've used. Then they put a low resolution screen on it. And priced it the same as an iPad. Doesn't make sense - so close, yet so far away.
Jailbreaking is explicitly, 100% legal (although it voids your warranty): http://www.cultofmac.com/52463/apples-official-response-to-dmca-jailbreak-exemption-it-voids-your-warranty/52463/   There seems to be a lot of misinformation here about jailbreaking. There is a huge amount of functionality that jailbreaking has added to the device - multitasking, gestures, tethering, wallpapers (before Apple had them), live wallpapers, notification center (before Apple),...
Deservedly so!   I consider myself a pretty open minded tech connoisseur, and yet I can't imagine buying any other think-and-light laptop over the MacBook Air. The only think I can think of reasonably improving on it is a better screen (which is honestly the worst screen Apple sells), and maybe a thinner bezel (would love a 14.x" MacBook Air in the same form factor - but that's a stretch, I know).   But anyway, 12 hours of battery! That's worth any minor...
  So put your money where your mouth is, and short it.
  I don't know, a thinner bezel to accommodate a bigger screen would be kind of nice.
Google really screwed up the Android brand by allowing low quality manufacturers to damage the brand by not supporting any of their released devices. Ironically, the now Google owned Motorola was probably the worst offender in this regard. Google's Nexus devices though are kept up to date, but unfortunately they share the Android brand with the low quality, never updated devices.
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