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I know, quoting my own post; but for reference.As I just wrote in a PM:Although $899 is more likely.Mark these words.
I'd buy that. Me and a couple million others.Usability aside, the mechanical trackpad on the current MacBooks just feels dated. And knowing Apple that's enough reason for them to put some serious effort into sorting that out.
Ding ding ding! I believe you nailed it -- except the 13" MBP is here to stay; see below.Since the price difference between the 11" and 13" MBA is only $100, it's really hard to justify going with the 11" on portability alone -- and paying for that portability with its small display. Could as well have priced it at $100 more than the 13", since price really doesn't play any role in the decision for the 11"; at least for me. It sort of is a Pro device; for those who need a...
Yes, I do. Well I would if I did patronize either. Same reason I tip, ever.I always round up to the next full Euro at least; at anything that even remotely resembles a restaurant. Like at the döner kebap place; or the odd occasion when I am at Burger King (the local one is in an upscale neighborhood, so the clientele is bearable).For one, this spares me the bother of small change. But if the real reason to tip is lost on you, then that loss is yours. Hint: it's not so much...
The OP said revenue, and I don't think that he would have simply confused the terms.And it's more like $400 of gross profit per iPhone.
Quoted for truth. A very insightful post, that I very much enjoyed reading. One thing though: How do you arrive at $300 per phone; isn't the iPhone ASP well north of $600?I hope you're holding some AAPL!
That is child abuse; seriously. (No fun to be made about matters like that.)Children are supposed to be our future - and onto yours you bestow your dark Android past?No offense; but if you and your wife are on iOS - why are you fragmenting you family like that? How about FaceTime, or Find my Friends?And if your kids are little and you think they wouldn't mind the difference or not appreciate an iPhone, even worse: Formative years don't make negative experiences any less...
I was going to suggest installing retractable bollards; I had not heard of a self-deploying variant, though, and a quick google search on them did not turn up anything - are those for real?If the self-deploying kind are not practical for some reason - perhaps because they don't exist? (not mocking; just asking) - the regular retractable ones certainly would be an option:They would be receded into the sidewalk during the day, and raised come closing time, or somewhat after...
iSquint will convert .flv, and just about anything, to .mp4.
I had already typed up how you would be excused given your country of residence, but then I thought that'd be obvious and that the smiley would signify my non-seriousness enough.Huh? How would those mix? But thanks for the heads-up. I choose the former; goodbye.
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