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I'm feeling old and out of touch for not having seen that before. That's friggin' awesome.
Enough with the spam, already.
tonton, you rock man, having 2 Evil Dead quotes in there. My favourite (this is from memory) from those is the day after Ash sleeps with the princess, and she's saying "but you said you loved me!!", to which he replies "where I come from that's just called pillow talk, baby".
Lately I've been saying in a really quiet voice "I'm sorry, but he has just passed away." Works like a charm. Sometimes if they ask for me, I'll say that "he" isn't available, and tell them they can talk to the lady of the house. They I put my 4 year old daughter on the phone. She loves it. She was on the phone for more than 5 minutes last time, asking the lady on the other end all kinds of questions. We sat there laughing our butts off the entire time... great free...
Yeah, I actually saw that one in person years ago. It caused quite a stir, obviously.
Um, you're forgetting that there are people here who do know for a fact what goes on with new and banned accounts. Chris.
Yeah guys, give the guy a break. Mr. Cuilla sounds so old and stuffy... just call him Chris.
I don't know, I cancelled a pretty expensive order last year, and they asked me why I was doing so. I said I had gotten a slightly better deal at the local dealer, and she just said "oh, ok. Thanks for calling Apple." She was probably thinking "nice try, assmunch".
Make up a small sign for your desk with "I promise to lock the door" on it. Stick it on the corner of the desk so Marshcthia can see it.
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