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  If it works in Mail 6.6 and doesn't work in Mail 7.0 I don't really think you can blame Google. Apple obviously broke something they had working before (and still does).
 That's quite an assumption since a larger screened iPhone is by no means guaranteed.
 You have a good point, although India and Pakistan make up 20% of the world's population, so his comment isn't that rediculous.
All I know is, I was happy with the way Mail worked in 10.8 and now I'm not. Hopefully this update will fix things. I haven't had any issues with Mail on iOS7 on my iPad 2. (gmail is my primary email account)
 Except the apps in Parallels are still running on your Mac or PC that you are away from...it's not like they are actually running on the iPad.
Mine's workin' too.  
I don't really understand why everyone wants Apple to blow all their money buying back shares instead of developing new products with it.
Call me narrow-minded, but I can't imagine an iWatch doing anything that would actually make me want to wear/buy one. So, hopefully he isn't.
 In case you missed it before: 
 To use a simplified example...If Apple makes $5, and Samsung makes $5, and the other companies collectively lose $2, then total industry profits are $8 (5+5-2). Apple obviously has a 5/8 share of the profits (or 62.5%) and Samsung has the same. It's perfectly valid. What other alternative calculation do you think there would be?
New Posts  All Forums: