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Apple has been selling iPhone 4S for 2.5 years, and iPhone 5C for 6 months. Plus iPhone 4S was the flagship for 12 months. So there should be more 4S out there than 5C. And it isn't that easy to distinguish iPhone 4 from a 4S.     But since we're talking anecdotes, I just saw three 5C this morning at Panera Bread - pink one, green one, and blue one. 
"And Samsung's lower-priced options proved more popular than the iPhone for those who earn $60,000 or less in the U.S." That sentence is WRONG. Do the math. According to NPD, there were 121m smartphones sold in the US. Apple sold 45%, of which 43% were sold to those with incomes under $60k, or 23.4m smartphones. Samsung sold 26%, of which 62% were sold to those with incomes under $60k, or 19.5m. Apple sold more smartphones than Samsung to those with incomes under $60k....
Why would an iPhone lite have a retina display? It wouldn't, instead it would have a 3GS quality screen, updated with some of the iPhone 4 level internals. So its costs would be less than the $188 starting point.
The words on Apple's invitation to WWDC makes it pretty clear that there's no iOS 5 preview in April. If there was, Apple would've announced that first, and then announced WWDC dates at the preview or after (as has been the pattern of previous years). September is still in this fiscal year (Apple's year ends Sept 24). Apple has been announcing new iPods on the Wed following Labor Day, so iPhone would now become the main fall product leading into Christmas (with iPad as...
Agree. My bet is that Lion is released in June after WWDC. iOS 5 gets previewed for a late August release, just before the arrival of the next iPhone in September.
Just when you think you've got it figured out, Apple changes. (Although I think Apple is changing the schedule because it's waiting for the new LTE chips, and the externals aren't changing much.) Note that Apple has stopped giving quick sales-on-launch updates. After several years of doing so, it didn't happen for the Verizon iPhone 4 and for the iPad 2.
The white iPhone launch "in spring" also makes sense now. The other rumor this could confirm is that the next iPhone is not named the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4G. The smaller, lower-power-consuming LTE chips are due to arrive from Qualcomm this summer, and maybe Apple has completely bought up the initial supplies. The whole MobileMe cloud focus makes much more sense when using LTE. Of course, the next question is will there be a new LTE iPad as well? How fast will...
Um, there will be more GSM units than CDMA units because from day 1, the iPad 2 will be sold in GSM countries like UK, France, Germany, and Japan, and not just in the US.
I wonder if Amazon's contract was written in such a way that there is a loophole in which they can do this arbitrarily - i.e. Amazon takes the loss. Like what they did with the $9.99 pricing of ebooks. I've never used the Amazon Video On Demand service, so is it really "to own"?
I agree that no one outside likely knows. But we do know that Apple groups credit card transactions from a single account as much as possible. I''ve had a single receipt with purchases made as far as two days apart. I've also seen other analysts state that they think Apple has negotiated special micropayment rates with the credit card companies for iTunes/App Store purchases.
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