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Simply put, Apple doesn't want a phone competitor (or phone platform competitor) looking at usage data of the iPhone (or iOS devices). If someone said that HTC had to allow Motorola to look at its usage data, or RIM had to allow Nokia to look at its usage data, most people would say that was nuts. So there's no reason Apple should allow Google to look at its iPhone users usage data (outside of the apps that Google provides). It's really just too bad for AdMob...
Some might say it's harder for someone with 76% of the market to get 2% more, after all, they have to get that 2% out of the remaining 24% (whereas the other competitor was getting its 2% from a larger market of 92%.) So it depends on whether the market is saturated or not, and whether future growth is dependent on conversions or not.
Yes, that was true for just one quarter, where it started from a low base. iPhone also had two quarters where it grew by over 500% and over 600% year-over-year, but only fools would've expected iPhone to keep growing at that pace. In the same way, it would be foolish to expect Android to grow 600% yoy in the 1st quarter of 2011. Not even Nokia, the market leader worldwide, sells that many smartphones in a single quarter.
What are those supposed "needs"?I didn't realize that the iTunes Store wasn't in the cloud. Maybe it's on my desktop? I also didn't realize that I couldn't listen to a downloaded song the minute it's done downloading to the iPhone. Maybe my iPhone is different than yours. And how does "open" meet your needs? How does "open" make you "fairly impressed"? The iPhone has over 200000 apps - I'm not sure how many more needs aren't met by those apps, especially when the...
Apple already released the "revolutionary" thing for this year. If you can't remember what that is, maybe you should look at what you call yourself here.It's inane to think that every Apple/Jobs event yields something totally unexpected. Apple is evolving its platform, piece by piece. It may look disappointing to you simply because you have expectations that aren't grounded in the realities of building a successful platform.And by the way, what mobile phone has an...
I don't think the attendees paid $1599 just to hear the keynote live. And I didn't realize that WWDC lasted just 2 hours.
What's there to be with? Adobe Flash vapor? Adobe Flash on mobile is still beta, and crashes, and significantly slows down the few devices it's able to run on today. By the way, when Apple introduced 3.5" floppy disks, it didn't work on anything else either. A few years later, it was being used on all PCs one could buy.
Um, no, AI does the WWDC banner story every year.
Apple has already said that iPad won't get the 4.0 features until September.
You do realize that it is WWDC, and that Apple is speaking to DEVELOPERS, most of whom care very much about how many iPhone/iPod touch/iPad owners are out there, and how many credit card numbers are in the iTunes/App Store.
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