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Apple doesn't offer a 64GB iPhone yet, but they offer the 64GB iPod touch for $399. So assuming the ~$400 carrier subsidy continues, Apple could offer a 32GB iPhone 4th Gen for $199 (which is really $599 or $300 more than the comparable iPod touch), and a 64GB version for $299 (which is really $699 or $300 more than the comparable iPod touch). Someone who wanted a 32GB iPhone would see this revamp as a price cut from $299 to $199. For someone thinking about spending...
But Strand Consulting says that iPhone hasn't helped any carriers! So I'm sure Softbank's performance is entirely due to other reasons. :sarcasm:
From what I know and have seen in the smartphone market, I totally agree with your position. That said, I know Apple has better global data than I do. Based on their very calculated and strategic actions over the last 10 years in building the many interconnected Apple strands (products, stores, etc), I trust that Jobs doesn't allow them to have blindspots, and thus, they can see clearly what they should do to stay ahead of all their competitors in building the iPhone...
I wasn't arguing for any point; just saying that there are people who won't leave Verizon. And I agree there may be switchers back to Verizon if iPhone were available. From anecdotal evidence (which therefore could be wrong), many iPhone users love their iPhone but just tolerate AT&T and would love to go elsewhere as long as they could keep their iPhone. I've not seen any surveys on this, and AT&T would certainly not say anything.I also agree that some portion who went...
Apple is not disadvantaging competitors in the mobile phone market. The only market they might be disadvantaging is the mobile apps development tools market. Note that Adobe says it doesn't question Apple's right to set the rules for its platform, including app development tools. See Geschke's interview at AllThingsD.
Same here. But I know several people who just won't leave Verizon but who eagerly want an iPhone.Such a number looks like it could be useful, but there are so many variables in discussing the potential customer base worldwide. For example, Apple just sold about 1.2-1.5m iPhones into China Unicom's 160m+ subscriber base in its first 2 quarters, which is about half as successful as Apple selling 1.3m iPhones to AT&T's 80m subscriber base in its first 2quarters in 2007. ...
It was responded to but you choose to ignore the response and pick at tangential stuff. Which is what you do and everyone here knows that.
You're quoting posts out of order, and selectively ignoring responses, which is what you do here. Anyway, below was my response to your first post, and it clearly says "rarely" and "directly."
Selective quoting. The rest of my post explained what that meant.
Then why didn't you write "look at the post above it" instead of "As I have said posted"? And again, since you completely missed it, "As I have said posted" is not proper English, and means nothing.
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