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I didn't change what I meant. Go back and read what I wrote - "rarely mentions share directly" - and we were discussing market share in terms of units sold. Do you understand the words "rarely" and "directly"?
"As I have said posted" is nonsense talk. What does it mean? (This is what you do. Take one little piece of a post and pick at it, all the while ignoring the main point.)
But that's because you continue to choose to misinterpret what others say, sending us down useless paths that lead nowhere productive.
Yes, Jobs mentioned browser share as one way to look at market share in terms of usage; clearly it's not in terms of sales, which is what we've been talking about here. Browser usage is a useful metric for developers who want to know whether mobile device users are apt to use the browser to access the their web apps or web sites. So it's useful to mention at the OS 4 platform presentation to developers. I may have a selective memory but I was referring to market share...
I think Gene uses June quarter because Apple's 3rd quarter is the June quarter, but it's the 2nd quarter by calendar year.
I think Gene is taking into account the refresh in April; that extra boost will start to wear off in May and June. In any case, I think he's underestimating. Analysts usually underestimate because the "credibility penalty" for underestimating is less than for overestimating.
Are you sure? Isn't it just for "smartphones"? Phones that have 3G, Wifi and full browser? I think AT&T also requires all smartphones to have a $30 plan. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Does saying that you want to get just 1% of the market really show that you're interested in market share? In any case, the key metric was 10m units, which Apple called 1% (10m was actually less than 1%, even when he said it.) He rarely mentions "share" directly when talking iPhone or iPod touch. Rather he says things like how many iPhone units were sold, how Apple is the number 1 mobile company by revenue, how Apple sold more than RIM, etc. But I'm sure that as soon as...
You are correct. But doesn't it show the genius of Apple to release for just a couple of days so they know they could easily beat it the next year. Of course, they didn't know then that the following year, they'd not be making any.
Here is iPhone's YOY unit sales growth beginning with 2008 Apr-Jun qtr: 166%, 516% (iPhone 3G launch), 88%, 123%, 626% (iPhone 3GS launch), 7%, 100%, and 131%. Except for one quarter, Apple managed to at least double (or almost double) sales YOY by appropriately setting launch dates throughout the world. The one no-doubling quarter occurred because in 2008 it was the launch quarter and in 2009, it was not. Regardless, did anyone notice it? Apple doesn't really care about...
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