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Though on the Apple App Store side, several developers have spoken, some we're making money (or lots of money), and some not.
But so is the display...
No one except some clueless Syracuse News journalist actually believes the 5 year deal is still in effect. Even Nilay Patel of Engadget who dug up the Apple confirmation wrote in his article that he doubts it's in effect because the same USA Today journalist who wrote the original scoop in 2007, wrote a subsequent article about a 3-year deal, and the WSJ wrote about an 1-year extension to the 3-year deal.
Well, actually it is if you only want US sales and Android handset makers and US carriers don't want to reveal them.
I just want to know how many paying customers there are for apps on Android phones. I don't actually care whether the App is sold in the Market or on a website. No point selling anywhere if no one is buying, is there?If I'm a developer, why isn't what I'm asking relevant?If I'm an investor looking to finance a developer, why isn't what I'm asking relevant?Is the fragmentation, carrier control over OS upgrades, limited app memory, and refunds killing the market for paid...
Of course, Apple knows there is an opportunity. But do you know Apple's strategic plan? Do you know what opportunities Apple would have to give up to partner with VZW?It always amazes me, that after watching Jobs/Cook/Schiller perform for the last ten years, that bloggers and commenters presume to know more about how to run the Apple business than the Apple A-team. That team has studied more smartphone sales and marketing data, more technology roadmap data, and more...
The subsidy amount is not what stopped a deal between Apple and VZW in 2006, as there was no subsidy in the original 2007 iPhone pricing and AT&T contract. It was control over the handset (iTunes Store, no carrier deck, no Verizon branding), activation, marketing, repairs/servicing, sales/distribution channel, and sharing of data fee.
My sentiments exactly. Changewave just reported that 52% of Verizon subscribers who are interested in smartphones, want an iPhone. Anecdotally, on this board and all around me in the Boston area, I hear the same desire. Not sure what McLean is thinking.
Agree and what if it's battery life was significantly better? And what if AT&T allows 3GS owners to upgrade in less than a year? (I just checked my account and my upgrade date has been moved up to 7/23/2010, and I didn't buy my 3GS until Aug 2009.)If this is AT&T's last iPhone exclusive, I can see them pulling out all the stops to entice as many subscribers as possible to sign up for a new 2-year iPhone contract.
You need to go back to the way things were in 2006. Without AT&T around to agree to an exclusive, Apple would never have gotten the freedom to establish almost total control over its handset, including direct iTunes sales. The whole App Store concept would've been still-born. Only in desperation in 2009 did Verizon finally loosen its strings and allow Android and its Market in.
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