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I was looking at the Apple iPhone bumpers which are pretty minimalistic (a big plus), but it seems that the dock connector opening causes 3rd party accessories to not fit right.
I plan to purchase an iPhone 4 in the next couple of weeks as my current iPhone (1st generation) is on its last leg. I normally don't use a case on my iPhone, but plan to get one for my iPhone 4 as I heard it alleviates the attenna issue and helps reinforce the glass sides since it is more prone to shattering when dropped (I drop my current phone a lot). However, I am overwhelmed with the hundreds of choices available. Plus I have read that not all cases are good...
I have been dealing with this issue since I first upgraded to Snow Leopard. Never had this issue under Leopard. Since I installed Snow Leopard my one external USB hard drive randomly disconnects itself. The duration is either from 10 mins to an 1hr. It varies. Turning the hard drive off and back on fixes the remounts the drive, but only temporary until it disconnects itself, again. Somehow, the system is still thinking it's partially there because some activities such as...
Yep. Both my USB external hard drives are LaCie. There doesn't appear to any new drivers on their website. Additionally, I have tried all the USB ports and the hard drive still somehow disconnects itself. What's odd is that once it does this, the system partially thinks it's still there because if I try to restart or log out, the system hangs until I manually shut the HD off.
10.6.2 still hasn't fixed my issue with my external USB hard drive. Since I installed Snow Leopard my one external USB hard drive that I use for my Time Machine backups randomly disconnects itself. Under Leopard everything worked fine and the hard drive stayed connected. I have tried everything to resolve in Snow Leopard from re-formatting the hard drive to deleting all partitions and rebuilding...nothing works. My other external hard drive works fine. It's very...
1. Hightlight your Inbox in Mail's source list 2. Go to Mailbox > Rebuild
I don't have the new iWork so I can't test this. As a workaround for now, you could always choose "Show in Finder" in iTunes and drag the file from there.
I have in the past connected to my Mac Mini from my iBook and pointed iPhoto (on my iBook) to my iPhoto Library (on my Mac Mini). It's slow, but it works.
1. Have you tried repairing permissions (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) 2. Resetting your PRAM and NRAM (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379)
Have you tried rebuilding your mailbox?
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