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And $350 is for the entry level sport model.Rumours say that Apple Watch will cost $1000 and may not even include a strap. You might have to fork over hundreds more to wear the Apple Watch. The gold Edition watches are virtually guaranteed to cost several thousand dollars without a strap. If you aren't in the market for a Rolex, you're probably not in the market for an Apple Watch.
I really appreciate all the math, but downscaling still feels like a compromise to me. My guess is they wanted a 1242x2208 display, but couldn't find anyone who could produce the required number at the required quality and required price point. I wouldn't be surprised if a selling point of the iPhone 6s Plus (or iPhone 7 Plus depending on how long it takes LCD manufacturers to meet Apple's requirements) is a full 3x retina 1242x2208 display.
Apple has something like 500 million iTunes customers and they added it to every single account. If even 10% of people have automatic downloads turned on then it was pushed to 50 million. I suspect the percentage with automatic downloads turned on is much higher. So the logical conclusion is that they're reporting 2 million people who don't have automatic downloads have chosen to download the album. Even that seems somewhat low to me given that it's free and the giveaway...
Looking at the MBP situation there was a clear reason why Apple continued to ship 2.0GHz and 2.3GHz machines instead of adopting the identically priced 2.1 and 2.4GHz parts: the top end was stuck at 2.6GHz. Without a new top end chip Apple didn't want to upgrade the bottom and middle machines. Intel then produced not only a 2.8GHz top end, but also replaced the 2.1 and 2.4 with faster 2.2 and 2.5GHz parts. When Apple could move the entire line up by 200MHz they...
Or a Chinese or Korean smart TV. Actually it's hard to use any electronics these days without someone tracking every step you take and every tap you make. I'm going to stick with my old fashioned dumb appliances, thermostats, etc.
Bigger SSDs are usually faster regardless of manufacturer.
Sadly Flash is still used in places where it needn't be like streaming World Cup games.   Having said that I have a serious question. Is there a competing technology for developing online games?   I'm thinking mostly of my children who visit sites like pbskids.org that use Flash for interactive content and games.
If you've ever installed an app on Android or Windows Phone you'll have seen the long list of permissions requested, many of them completely unrelated to the purpose of the app. That's just how it goes. They ask for the moon and hope you'll give it to them. I don't know what sort of hidden permissions apps get on WP, but on Android there are some things all apps have access to by default. You're not informed about them and there's no way to deny permission. Access to the...
I'm sure some people will complain if Apple makes only one iPhone model and it's bigger than the current one. The big question is whether they'll switch to a different platform if that happens. I think not because even the "mini" versions of Android phones are bigger than the current iPhone and they tend to be crippled from a specifications standpoint.
Branding is very important in the consumer marketplace. Apple and iTunes are successful in some demographics, but have failed to gain traction in others. With this acquisition Apple has confirmed that they're not happy segments of the American population avoid their brand.   Because of the importance of branding and image Apple must keep the Beats name and imaging as-is and resist the temptation to sneak a little Apple logo or "An Apple company" into the fine print. A...
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